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Many people like planting vegetables and flowers in their gardens using garden raised beds. On one hand, vegetables and flowers are good decoration to the gardens, which makes gardens look beautiful. On the other hand, planting vegetables in person provides more fun and they are more healthy than those in market.

For planting, you need high-quality soil, good seeds and suitable raised beds at least. You also need to take good care of the crops and flowers, such as deworming, watering and weeding. 

This essay will show some guides to choose suitable raised beds for small gardens and introduce several raised beds for you.

Here are the four factors they say you should consider when choosing raised-bed kits.

Materials.  When you do the calculation on longevity of metal versus wood, metal beats out wood. And during the pandemic, the cost for wood has skyrocketed, so sometimes wood is even more expensive than metal. Good metal beds will last more than a decade with proper care, which includes ensuring the bed doesn’t flood often or consistently sit in moisture. And line it with geotextile fabric or landscape fabric if you’re growing crops requiring acidic soil, which will corrode the metal.

Size. Beds should be at least a foot tall, says Josh Singer, a community garden specialist with the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation. “Bigger crops, such as tomatoes and squash, need at least that much room for their roots to grow,” he says, adding that you can even dig up another foot of ground below the bed to give plants space to expand. To ensure that you can easily reach across the entire bed — and that it won’t be so long that the sides bow out — he advises keeping beds two to four feet wide and four to eight feet long.

Beauty. “In urban and suburban areas, you probably only have a patio or small yard, so you’re probably going to want to like what you’re looking at out there,” says Tim Williams, operations manager of Greenstreet Gardens, a landscaping and design company. “But if pretty isn’t a factor for you, don’t worry about it. No one is going to judge you.”

Cost. Last, but never least, consider your budget. A metal raised-bed kit can cost several hundred dollars, plus shipping fees if it’s not available locally. The good news, though, is that by this time of year, many kits will be on sale or on clearance. “But don’t wait too long, because they will become unavailable, and it will be too late to plant most things,” Williams says.

It’s better to plant vegetables and flowers together in the garden, which will not only provides you with healthy food but also beautiful scenes and fragrance. It’s the best time to frow seeds now, choosing what flowers and crops you want to plant and get started.

Here are 2 recommened raised beds for not very big gardens

1.U-Shaped Raised Garden Bed (92.5" L x 95" W x 11" H)

 The frame of garden bed is made of natural fir wood, which is not easy to deform or crack. And the whole structure is sturdy enough to strongly support the weight of soil and plants.

Coming with 5 plant containers, they provide ample space for plants to grow in excellent condition. The plants in the planter can be fully attached with the soil on the ground and raised wood board at each side will prevent leakage of soil.

This raised bed can be flexibly combined or used separately according to your preference and you can remove the baffle to get a bigger growing area if needed, you can grow flowers and crops according to your preferrence.

2. Raised Garden Bed Wood Planter Box, ( 97" x 25" x 10" )

This bed is perfect for growing your vegetables and flowers. the bed allows enough space between each vegetable, so they can grow efficiently. The boards are made of 0.5 inch thick fir wood that is built to last through the seasons. There is a divider in the middle of the box, so you can plants two different plants in it. with this planting box, you can plant any vegetables as you want.

Getting a raised bed , starting to grow seeds, during the heat of the summer you may need to water daily, sometimes twice. You will have a great sense of achievement when the fruit season comes. So start small, with just one or two raised beds in your first year, and reassess next season.

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