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It's well-known that there are different kinds of materials for furniture. Outdoor furniture and indoor furniture have different styles and materials, too. For the outdoor furniture maintenance, it depends on the furniture materials. What kind of outdoor furniture have you chosen and how do you maintain them?

In our previous blog, we introduced outdoor furniture maintenance for wooden furniture, rattan furniture, steel furniture and stainless steel furniture. In this article, let's continue to talk about some other materials maintenance for outdoor furniture.

Cast aluminum furniture

Aluminum material has the advantages of good corrosion resistance, light weight, high ductility and moderate strength. If there are stains on the surface, just wipe it with clean water.

When wiping cast aluminum tables and chairs, it is best to use a rag, which is soft and free of residue. One thing to note is that you cannot use acidic detergents to wipe, because acids and alkalis have a strong corrosive effect on iron, so cast aluminum tables and chairs must be kept away from acids and alkali, and do not use soapy water or vinegar.

Teslin  fabric furniture

Teslin fabric products have the advantages of non-fading, high tensile strength, high temperature resistance, UV resistance, rain resistance, aging resistance, and excellent breathability.

When cleaning and maintaining Teslin furniture, you can rinse directly with water. Do not use acidic detergents. In daily use, be careful not to be scratched or cut by sharp objects, and keep away from high-temperature fire sources.

Tempered glass furniture

Tempered glass is glass that has been quenched at high temperatures. It has increased impact strength, increased bending strength, good thermal stability, and resistance to large temperature differences.

Attention to clean and maintain tempered glass furniture:

1. When cleaning tempered glass, do not use corrosive cleaners to clean the glass surface.

2. Do not use hard objects to scrape or metal cleaning brushes to clean the surface to prevent the surface from being scratched by hard objects.

3. In daily use, do not hit or hit the corners of the glass with sharp objects to avoid breakage and shattering. In addition, when using and transporting products, handle them with care to avoid bumps and scratches on the products during moving and transportation.

How much do you know about all the materials above mentioned? Many furnitures will be made by not only one kind of material, they are usually made by more than 2 kinds of  materials. To increase materials' durability and weather resistance, chemicals sometimes will be added into the materials, as long as the chemicals amount is within safe range.

To mention outdoor furniture, what must be listed is the shade furniture which is usually made by iron and Polyester fabric. The weather is getting hotter, many families are using sunshade furniture, such as parasols and awnings. When it comes to maintain the shade furniture, what shall we pay attention to?

1. We all know that parasols are generally widely used in spring and summer, but due to dry weather, there is often a lot of dust, which causes stains on parasols.

2. When we want to wipe the stains on the parasol, we must use cold water and a rag to wipe it. If we use hot water and a hard brush to clean it, the fabric of the parasol will be worn, so we only need to add water and Just wipe it with a little detergent.

3. In addition, when using the sunshade furniture, be careful to handle it with care, and do not use excessive force to cause damage to the sunshade furniture.

4. Most of the sun-shade furniture is supported by aluminum or iron pipes, and the main function of the sun-shade furniture is to shade the sun. Do not use it to block wind and rain, as this will shorten the service life of the sun-shade furniture.

What Essentials Are Required for Outdoor Furniture Maintenance?

There are many cleaning and maintianing tools and chemicals required for furniture maintenance, we will list some common and widely used ones.

1. A Clean Rag

Most furniture need to be cleand with clean water or some special detergents, a clean rag is necessary to reach this aim.

2. Woodworking Sandpaper

In the process of maintenance, repair and renovation of solid wood furniture, woodworking sandpaper is almost a necessity. It is mainly used to polish the wood or coating of the furniture body to achieve a better smooth feel.

When performing daily maintenance on finished solid wood furniture, you only need to lightly polish the surface coating, and it does not require too strong cutting force.

If there is a need to repair a small area of coating, the surface coating of the area to be repaired needs to be completely sanded off to expose the original wood of the furniture.

3. Furniture Care Wax

For paint-coated furniture, it is difficult to meet the conditions for spraying paint in the home environment. It is recommended to use furniture care wax to wipe it.

It is very convenient to use. Just spray it on the furniture and you will get white foam. Then wipe it with a soft dry cloth.

4. Glue and Wood Powder

When cracks appear in furniture, the glue and wood powder sometimes need to be used to fill the cracks.

For the wood powder, it is best to use wood powder of the same material to fill furniture cracks. Note that it should be distinguished from sawdust. Wood chips are larger in size and sometimes difficult to fill cracks. You can choose to keep the wood powder when polishing furniture.

All items have a limited lifespan, especially frequently used outdoor furniture. If you don’t want to change it frequently, it needs to be maintained regularly to extend its life.

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