3 Necessities for A Small Bedroom

Suppose that you move to a new home, what will you think of to lay out a bedroom? First and fore most, maybe the bed, one of the most significant layouts for a bedroom. For small bedroom space and big bedroom space, we can choose different kinds of furniture and accessories.

When it comes to a small bedroom, we can just choose the necessary stuff for this space due to limit tiny space.  Simple layout for such a bedroom space must be the first consideration. To reach this target, we could choose the following 3 bedroom necessities.


Small bedrooms needn't lack in personality. In fact, positioning a statement bed in the middle of the main wall in a small bedroom layout is a brilliant way to distract from the limited space as it will instantly draw your eye.

Maximize space in a tiny bedroom by first considering the key pieces of bedroom furniture needed. A bed is the dominant feature of any bedroom, it is the focal point and acts as a base to centre the rest of your scheme around. What kind of beds should we choose? What size? Here are 2 kinds of beds we can choose.

If this bedroom is just for one person, a normal twin size bed is enough. If you rent a small apartment, this bed is a good choice, simple design and not expensive, which can not only be suitable for a simple style bedroom, but also save your money. It’s a perfect choice for guests’ bedroom, too. The bottom of bed is high enough for you to store idle things and convenient to clean up.

Twins usually sleep in the same bedroom. For twins, to save space, a bunk bed is better. “Typically the smaller bedrooms in a home are reserved for little ones. Because of that, we're are able to get creative with layout and storage. We love a bunk bed with added storage or drawers, sconces for lighting, etc. This allows us to design vertically and not take up much space which in turn makes the room feel larger.”says Bria Hammel, the CEO and creative director of Bria Hammel Interiors, “For this case, bunk beds are the perfect solution”.

2. Storage Cabinet

Small bedrooms don’t have enough space to hold everything we can think of for a bedroom, so we exclude unnecessary stuffs. But every bedroom need to reserve a wardrobe or a built-in wardrobe to store our personal stuff, such as clothes. If there is no built-in wardrobe, we need a storage cabinet work as a wardrobe to store your clothes, bags and some accessories, etc. You could also put your suitcase or luggage on the top of this cabinet to save more space. To some degree, the storage cabinet is also able to add decoration to the entire bedroom, and this one is fit for most styles of bedroom’s interior design.

3. Nightstand

Whether to put one nightstand or a set of two on 2 sides of the bed, depending on how much spare space there is after putting the bed. If no much spare space, place the bed against the wall, and just put one night stand on the opposite side of the wall, to hold your cell phone, keys, wallet, photo frames, jewelries and so on. A nightstand is convenient to collect small things while you go to bed.

If there is enough space for a set of two nightstands, place the bed in the center, and put 2 nightstands on both sides of the bed, a kind of symmetrical beauty. Nightstands’ placement will make a bedroom not look very dull, isn’t it?

Bedroom is important for people’s sleep, its layout and decoration will directly affect sleep quality and personal feelings. For a small bedroom, to make it practical, look clean and tidy, the above 3 components are essential. Except these 3, you can definitely place some other furniture or decoration to the bedroom as long as  it’s large enough. So, when it comes to a large bedroom, what else are you able to think of for decoration and placement?


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