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    Steam sauna spa is quite a cozy treat especially when you feel tired after all-day work!

    Giantex portable folding sauna can be easily stored and you can take it on a journey. Your journey will be much more convenient and cozier than before. The private sauna is healthier, for you don't have to share a sauna room with others who aren't your family or friends.

    7 products
    Coffee Gray Black
    Giantex Portable Sauna 3L Personal Therapeutic Sauna Temperature & Timer Adjustable

    from $105.95
    Black Coffee Gray
    Steam Sauna Portable Therapeutic Sauna 3L Blast-Proof Remote Control

    from $89.99
    Portable Sauna Infrared Personal Home Spa

    Black Coffee
    Giantex Portable Sauna, Full Body Steam Sauna w/ 3L Steam Box

    Black Brown Gray Pink
    Giantex Portable Folding Sauna, 1 or 2 Person Steam Spa with Remote Control

    from $89.95
    Coffee Black Grey
    Giantex Portable Steam Sauna Spa 2L Folding Private Sauna Tent W/Chair Foot

    from $85.99
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