4 Styles of Racks or Shelves for Living Space

Have you purchased any racks or shelves in your home?

Every home may have kinds of racks or shelves to store stuffs and chaos. There are shoe racks, bookshelves, kitchen cart with shelves or so. Different racks and shelves play different roles at home and in daily life. Put a shoe rack in the entry way, to make the shoes organized. If you have many accessories, you need an accessories storage shelf. In the bedroom,  you need storage cabinets with shelves to store clothes and bags. In the bathroom, you can put a standing shelf to store shampoos and shower gel, towels.

Racks and shelves are used to save space at home, here are 4 kinds of racks or shelves to place in your living space.

Shoe rack

Shoe racks are usually put in the entry way to store the whole family’s shoes, such as sneakers, sandals, high heels, sports shoes, etc. Every family member will have more than 3 pairs for a season. Shoe racks are designed with several tiers, not very wide, but each tier can store 3-4 pairs of shoes to meet family’s needs. For a match-able shoe rack, we suggest a white color, which can be fit for kinds of interior design styles. It will look orderly and tidy to put the shoes on a white shoe rack, isn’t it? White color is also easy to be discovered and cleaned if it gets dirty.

Toilet Storage Shelf

To put a toilet storage shelf in the bathroom, the first and foremost thing you must to consider is rust-resistant, because it’s usually wet in the bathroom, especially when you are taking a shower. It’s better to get one with stainless steel material shelf for the bathroom. To save more spare space, you can place it over the toilet, put your shampoos and shower gel, toothbrushes and toothpastes on the shelves, as well as the towels, maybe some other things you need in the bathroom. A toilet storage shelf is better for a bathroom with limit space. It will make the bathroom look orderly to store things on the shelves. For home use, its lasting and durability can be also a concern. It depends on your personal preferences.

Flower standing rack

If you like pot plants, a flower standing rack is your best choice. No matter you leave it in the balcony or in the bedroom, it will help you save much space. Pot plants lovers usually will not just keep one or two, maybe more than 5. With a flower rack with several tiers, you can place the pot plants on shelves neatly. If you want them to look beautiful, you can place them according to rules of floral arrangement, for example, what matches gypsophila, and what matches lily. There are thousands of floral arrangement to choose, what kind of pot plants do you have and how will you like to arrange them with a flower standing rack?  

Display rack

Decorating your home should be a fun experience free of stress and worry. You want nice, quality classic pieces that stand the test of time from moving or wear and tear. For living room decoration, a display rack is a good choice. It’s perfect for the corner of the living room. Mounted on the wall, it can store different bottles, such as wines. You can also put the photo frames, small collection box and some small craft decors by this rack set. It’s worth to mention that with wall-mounted design, it’s not only a decor but also space-saving.

When it comes to a rack or shelf, what occurs in my mind firstly is the bookshelf, which we have introduced in the last blog, no more repeat here. You can place kinds of racks or shelves in your living space including the living room, bedroom, study room and bathroom. If you want save much space and make home look beautiful and orderly, you must spend much time and efforts for the space arrangement. Every one must have different choice for racks and shelves, what kind of do you like?

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