8 Christmas Traditions And Customs

Christmas is one of the grandest festivals in the Western world and one of the festivals celebrated by people all over the world. As a multicultural country, the United States celebrates Christmas in various ways, with some unique customs and habits that are different from others. This article will introduce you to the unique customs and habits of American Christmas.

Table of Contents

Santa Claus

Christmas Trees & Lights

Christmas Cards

Christmas Gift & Gifts Exchange

Christmas Feast

Christmas Party

Watch Classic Christmas Movies

Take a Family Photo


1. Santa Claus

Santa Claus is one of the most iconic symbols of Christmas in the United States. Santa Claus is a legendary figure with a white beard, wearing a red coat, driving a reindeer sleigh, and delivering gifts to children on Christmas Eve. The image of Santa Claus has become deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and has become an indispensable part of Christmas. Santa Claus figures are displayed in many shops and streets, attracting thousands of tourists to come and watch.

2. Christmas trees & Lights

The Christmas tree is another important symbol of American Christmas. A Christmas tree is a decorated tree, usually a pine or fir tree. Every household will put up a Christmas tree and decorate it with various decorations, such as lights, balls, ribbons, etc. The decoration and placement of the Christmas tree is one of the important rituals of American Christmas celebrations.

Christmas lights, usually together with the trees, are another important symbol of Christmas in America. The streets in cities and villages are filled with all kinds of Christmas lights, such as lanterns, balls, ribbons, etc. The bright light of Christmas lights illuminates the entire city, creating a rich Christmas atmosphere.

3. Christmas cards

Christmas cards are a traditional way of celebrating Christmas in America. On Christmas Eve, many people use Christmas cards to wish their relatives and friends. Christmas cards are usually printed with Christmas symbols such as Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and Christmas lights, as well as blessings and poems.

4. Christmas gift& Gifts exchange

Christmas gifts are a traditional way of doing Christmas in America. On Christmas Eve, many people give gifts to relatives and friends. Christmas gifts are usually meaningful gifts such as toys, books, clothes, jewelry, etc. The way of giving gifts is also very particular. Usually on Christmas Eve, the gifts are put in beautiful gift bags and placed under the Christmas tree, waiting for Santa Claus to come and deliver gifts to the children.

American Christmas has many unique customs and habits, such as Santa Claus, Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Christmas cards and Christmas gifts. These customs have become deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and have become an indispensable part of American Christmas. Through these unique customs and habits, Americans express their love and blessings to their relatives and friends during Christmas, and also create a strong Christmas atmosphere.

For the gifts, people always prefer gift exchange activity. They buy different gifts and wrap them in blind gift packages, for their family and friends. In return, they will also receive blind packages including the gifts from their friends or family. The gift exchange activity has more fun than giving the gift to the receiver directly.

5. Christmas feast

Christmas meal As a grand celebration of Christmas, delicious food is indispensable. Christmas turkey dinner is a regular main dish. In the past, people might use microwave ovens to cook it themselves. Nowadays, many people spend the holidays eating out in restaurants. Merchants will also take advantage of the opportunity to make money from customers. Of course, There are many Christmas foods, gingerbread, candies and so on.

6. Christmas Party

It’s the most important festival all year around, also a good time for family and friends to gather in a party. Every one gathers in the party to celebrate Christmas, to drink, eat and dance etc. Christmas parties are full of joy and best wishes for the next year. So, never hesitate to join in a Christmas party. Just enjoy yourself.

7. Watch Classic Christmas Movies

Get everyone in the holiday spirit by hosting a classic Christmas movie marathon in the comfort of your own living room. You can cozy up in your favorite blankets and snack on Christmas cookies.

8. Take a family picture

Most people don’t have much time to gather all the family members the same time, so every chance to gather them in one occasion should be cherished. The best way to record people’s happiness in the best time in a year is to take a family photo.

Get all dressed up in holiday attire and take some family photos to display in your home or share with your friends and family on a Christmas card. With time going by, whenever you see those photos in the future time, it reminds you of the happy memory. This is a memorable activity.

Christmas is celebrated all over the world now, and different countries have different celebrating ways. How do your local town celebrate the anual Christmas? We believe that no matter what kinds of ways you celebrate, they are symbols for love and happiness.

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Merry Christmas!

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