A good choice of 3 types of gym equipment for exercising

Nowadays, exercising is a good way to losing weight, keeping fit and healthy. So an increasing number of people begin to choose one or more kinds of sports to exercise. What kind of sport do you like?

We usually come across people who are jogging on the road, which is the most common exercise way in daily life. There are also some people choose a gymnasium where they can join different kinds of sports, such as jogging, gymnastics, yoga, dancing and swimming or so. To get a good exercise target, some exercise equipment are necessary and essential. Here are some exercise equipment we can choose.

1. Yoga Mat

“After doing electrical work for 35 years, my wrists, elbows and knee's , have really gone through hell. I can now do my exercise routine with no pain whatsoever. The padding on this yoga mat is perfect for situp's and pushup's. ” The experienced yoga coach Jennie said.

I can now do floor exercises without wincing in pain! The materials used for this product seem good. The mat cover is very nice to the touch. It is not a plastic feel or cheap sticky. Inside material also is solid/firm with just the right amount of give. I am a heavy older person so comfort is of the utmost importance if I am to continue exercising. Wish my mattress was this firm.

This yoga mat can be used for various physical activities not only in gymnastics but also for yoga, dancing, light stretching, wrestling, martial arts, and general exercise. It is designed for schools, clubs, camps, teams or individuals, also perfect for home use.

2. Dumbbell Set

After some time of jogging, exercise with the dumbbell set will meet your demands to keep your body fir and strong,  enabling you to perform a variety of muscle building exercises.  To exercise with the dumbbell se, there are 3 steps for beginners:

2.1 Simple and effective movements to exercise the deltoid muscles of the shoulders. The main points are as follows: Stand with your feet slightly apart and your back straight.

2.2 Grasp the dumbbells with both arms perpendicular to the body, and lift the dumbbells to the sides to shoulder width.

2.3 Exercise the deltoid and trapezius muscles. The main points are as follows: Sit upright on the bench, snatch the dumbbells to the shoulders with the palms forward, and press the dumbbells upwards. To exercise the muscles of the lower body, the key points are as follows: stand with your feet slightly apart, keep your back straight, hold the dumbbells with your arms and hands perpendicular to your body, bend your knees and slowly squat down to your thighs and then push back slowly.

3. Aerobic Stepper

Aerobic steppers may seem so '80s, but the benefits of having an elevated platform handy while exercising have stood the test of time. Using a stepper is a low-impact way to incorporate explosive, powerful moves into your workout. Taking a virtual step workout class is one way to utilize this piece of home gym equipment, but it's not the only option. You can use the stepper to level up your strength training, too.  It's perfect for performing exercises that require an elevated surface such as step-ups or Bulgarian split squats. And you can up the intensity of your planks, pushups, and lower-body exercises like lunges by placing one or both of your feet up on a riser. Creating a sharper angle of incline or decline—or an uneven surface for single-leg moves—makes your bod work that much harder to stay balanced and stable.


The above 3 exercise equipment are good choices for exercising at home. There are many advantages to working out, no matter you are work out in a gym or at home. Exercising with equipment enables you to come your fitness goals more easily and efficiently. Actually, there are kinds of exercise equipment for working out, we can do exercise with different equipment to keep fit and healthy.

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