A Sandwich Maker-The Grammy Awards Winner Uses

The 65th Grammy Awards Ceremony is just finished. Did your favorite singer win the prizes? One of my concerned singer Lizzo, won the Producer of the Year for 'About Damn Time'. Congratulations to her!

I followed her on Tik Tok. Recently, we found one piece of her videos related to the sandwich maker, the one we will introduce to you today. OMG, she is using the same style sandwich maker we are selling now, we are so proud.

Do you like toast bread? Do you have enough time to do breakfast? If you like toast bread but don't have time to prepare nutritious breakfast, this sandwich maker will help you. We all know that bread is not nutritious enough for breakfast. Standard match is bread with pure milk.

But if you prefer a more nutritious breakfast, don't miss this sandwich maker. You can use it to do sandwich with tastes you like, within a short time period. To save more sleep time, you can prepare the sandwich ingredients at night. Let's start from the most simple one whose ingredients include the cabbages, ham sausage or meat, salad dressing, 3 pieces of toast bread. There are 5 modes to choose from: Vegetables, Sausage, Fish, Chicken and Beef steak

How to use it?

After you get up, take out the sandwich ingredients from the refrigerator, then

  • Insert the plug into the wall socket; There is a short beep sound ,and the power button will breathing flash
  • Select the sausage mode, set a temperature for preheating.
  • After preheating is finished, beep beep beep sound will ring out." Touch power button to stop it.
  • Open the grill, put the bread, meat or ham sausage and other foods on the bottom cooking plate.
  • Close the grill. You can adjust temperature and/or time according to your preference.

3 Notes while using it

  • The desired temperature can be set between 90°C/194°F and 230°C/446°F. According to personal taste, you can increase or decrease time and/or temperature when you use auto mod'
  • When the food is cooked use the handle to open the lid. Remove the foods with a plastic spatula.
  • Once you are finished cooking, disconnect the plug from the wall outlet and leave unit open to cool.

After you brush teeth and finish making up, you can take out the sandwich to enjoy your breakfast. If you don't have time eat at home, you can also carry it out, very convenient.

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