Benefits of The Electric Adjustable Bed

What kind of bed have you been using? Wood or metal or memory foam?There are many options of the model, size, material, etc. Nowadays, an increasing number of people choose the electric bed which can adjust to a most comfortable angle for rest, healthy to human body.

Now that, what should one care about while choosing an electric adjustable bed? Before talking about that, let's come to 5 benefits of the electric bed.

1. Wireless Remote Control
The electric bed is operated by a wireless remote control. You can control the electric bed through the remote control wherever you are around the bed and adjust various functions that the electric bed can achieve.

2. Reduce stress and promote blood circulation
According to ergonomics, five body segment joint points (that is, the bending points of the human body) are set up on the electric bed frame. Through remote control operation, the angle of the bed frame can be adjusted at will to adapt to the bending angles of various parts of the human body, and the body posture can be adjusted freely. , relieve neck pressure, sit upright, lie back or just raise your feet to promote blood circulation.

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3. Promote sleep and quickly eliminate fatigue
Regional massage gives different massage experiences to corresponding parts of the body, bringing more scientific relaxation and comfort. Back massage and leg massage provide corresponding massage experiences to different parts of the body, bringing more scientific relaxation and comfort; uniform stress points and scientific vibration amplitudes can help users quickly eliminate body fatigue and enter sleep faster.

4. Physiotherapy and health care
The electric bed is designed based on ergonomics. You can adjust the angle of the bed frame at will, adjust your body posture freely, reduce body pressure and promote blood circulation. Different areas are also designed with massage functions to help the body quickly eliminate fatigue and achieve physical therapy and health care functions.

5. Moderate physical exercise
In addition to lying flat, the backboard of the bed can be raised and lowered arbitrarily within the range of 0°-70°, and the leg boards can be arbitrarily lowered and lowered within the range of 0°-44°. You can choose a suitable sitting angle on the bed to meet the needs of eating, playing, drinking, washing feet, reading and reading newspapers, watching TV and moderate physical exercise. Especially suitable for those who stay indoors for a long time and don't like to go out.

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Above the mentioned benefits, the Giantex electric adjustable bed also has some small special designs which will catch your eyes at the first glance.

It's designed with USB ports at the side of the bed and under the bed nightlight for lighting. The bed frame comes with a retainer bar that is designed to hold the mattress in place for better articulation. It is suitable for various kinds of mattresses, such as memory foam, gel foam, and so on.

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