Children's Trampoline Fun

As a child, there is much playing fun. Children's world is simple and pure, their moods are apparent. They will cry out if they are sad, will laugh loud if they are happy. They don't need to hide their feelings as adults. Life is always hard for adults, but very simple for small children.

Most people's childhood time is full of hapiness and fun. Playing is small children's daily life. They play activities, play games with buddies, play with different kinds of toys and so on. Most may have enjoyed a good trampoline time when he was a small child. How much do you know about the trampolines? No matter much or less you know, you will have deep knowledge about them.

Outdoor Large Trampoline with Ladder

  • There are options of blue, black and orange color options; 8ft, 10ft and 12ft size options, which can meet children's need of different ages.
  • To buy a trampoline use in your daily life, safety is the most important concern. The curved poles design leaves safety space to protect kids from getting badly injured. The enclosure net provides 360° protection and keeps kids away from springs. The thick safety pad will protect feet in case of stepping on springs.
  • For outdoor use, materials should be weather-resistant. This trampoline is made of Steel + PVC + PE, is able to withstand different kinds of weather conditions, not including the severe weathers.

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Toddler Rectangle Trampoline

  • This one is designed for small children. Although there is no exact age limit, the weight capacity of a trampoline is 220 lbs, and the overall dimension: 75" x 49" x 63"(L x W x H).
  • You can use it indoors and outdoors. It's easy to install and dismantle for store, thus convenient to carry out for use outdoors.
  • Compared with normal trampolines, this one comes with a hanging swing inside. The child can achieve swing and bouncing. The swing is able to hold up children's weight up to 110  lbs. It's a perfect gift for your kid.

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Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

  • Do you want your kid to take part in two kinds of exercising activities the same time? Then don't miss this one. It comes with a basketball hoop, the child is able to not only jump on the jumping mat, but also practice shooting at the same time, providing much fun for the children.
  • To make sure of the trampoline's safety, it's designed with 6 W-shaped legs to support the jumping mat area, withstanding a max load of up to 400 lbs. Besides, the steel frame adopts double-side galvanization to improve rust resistance and wear resistance.
  • It can hold 3-4 children to jump at the same, the kid will enjoy a good time with their buddies together, ideal for outdoor use.

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60" Toddler Trampoline

  • This is a smaller one with multifunctions. The 60-inch kid's trampoline can be used alone, allowing your child to bounce freely. The funny horizontal bar features 3 adjustable heights to meet different needs, including 53"/57"/61". Plus, a pair of unbreakable rings keep kids active and improve motor skills.
  • The support legs and all connecting poles are made of 36 galvanized steel, providing sturdiness and there is no need to worry about your kid's safety. The non-slip foot pads keep the trampoline from sliding and moving during use.
  • Weekend is coming, after a week's study, the children will have more time to play for fun, especially for the primary small children. This trampoline is a perfect gift for 3-7-year-old kids.

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2 in 1 Swing and Trampoline

  • Have you ever seen a trampoline which can also be used as a swing? Do you often notice that a single trampoline is not attractive enough to kids? This one will be highly expected.
  • This mini trampoline and swing set with high novelty will satisfy multiple playing demands of your little one. When used as a trampoline, our product has multiple benefits to kids, such as enhancing bone growth and strengthening kid's balance ability, and gives considerate protection with sturdy steel structure and foam-covered handrail. When the kid feels tired, you can transform the trampoline into the swing, making your little one swing on it with relaxation.

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What requires your concern while using the trampolines?

No matter how good materials are made for the trampolines, safety can't be sure if you apply them on improper places. Some places are not suitable for installing the trampolines for fun, such as grassfields. It's better to use the trampolines on flat concrete surface and other solid surfaces.

As we all know that when typhoons come, it's better for people stay indoors for safety. This principle does work for trampolines. When it rains, or blows strong wind, it's not a good time to use or leave the trampolines outside, which is safe but also protects the trampolines from damages.

After Using
After using the trampolines, you are advised to clean the jumping mat and net, dismantle all the connecting parts, then find a storage box or carrying bag to store them, which extends trampolines' lifespan.

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