Enjoy Happy Summer Vacation !

Midsummer has come, and in this rare summer vacation, I believe that many people have already put travel on their schedules. To experience and feel the beauty of nature and different folk customs, which not only can increase knowledge and experience, but also inspire one's yearning for a better life in the years to come. You can take advantage of this longer summer vacation to take a quick trip. So, what should you prepare for summer travel, and where will you go?

Summer is too hot, to have a beach holiday may be most people's choice. So, in order to have a happy vacation time,  get full preparation for it. There are some essential stuff you need to take for the vacation.

Beach Umbrella With Sand Anchor

  • The beach umbrella can not only protect you from direct sunlight, but also work as a normal umbrella when it rains.
  • Coming with the sand anchor, you don't need to buy an extra outdoor umbrella stand to hold it. Anchor on the bottom makes it easy to insert into the sand for use. In addition, the easy tilt mechanism ensures the maximum sunshade.
  • The red button on the top makes it easy to close and open the umbrella. Its light weight and slim size ensure the portability of the umbrella. So, it's very conveinient to store and carry out with you.


Outdoor Folding Chaise Lounge

  • Most people will take chaise chairs for the beach vacation. Lie down under the beach umbrella to enjoy breeze and leisurious summer afternoon time. It's foldable and portable, easy to take anywhere.
  • Designed with a canopy shade, even if you don't have a beach umbrella, the canopy allows you to adjust it into any desired angle according to the changing position of the sun. In addition, you can put the sunglasses and drinks into the side storage pocket.
  • Featuring 5 different backrest positions, this outdoor chaise lounge chair meets your various sitting posture needs, such as sitting up, reclining and laying down so that you are able to find a suitable sitting position for maximum comfort and relaxation.


3-in-1 Outdoor Smoker Grill & Folding Picnic Table

  • These 2 not necessary for a summer beach vacation, but they will add more fun for those who like picnics.
  • This outdoor cooking equipment includes 2 cooking grills, 2 porcelain-enameled water and fire basins, and 6 S-shaped hooks and 2 hanging rods are also included to offer a feast for at least 7 people with 400 square inches large cooking surface.
  • Combined 3-in-1 use of a fire pit, BBQ grill, and smoker, which is suitable for BBQ, grill, smoke, roast, and braise. It's also compact and portable through the heat-insulating handles.


  • As for the folding picnic table, equipped with 6 sturdy X-shaped legs, the bottom frame will give more support to the tabletop and ensure higher stability, so our folding picnic table can hold up to 110 lbs.
  • This table can be quickly folded into a compact size when you needed. Coming with a carrying bag, you can quickly pack them into the portable carry bag for instant travel or store them in any limited corner.


Camping bed or tent & Foldable Foam Mattress

Although we don't sell any camping tent, but there are some foldable mattresses you can check, we pick one.
  • This foam mattress is 2.6" thick, which can give you good support, helping reduce back pain or annoying discomfort from rocky terrain. So you can rest, sleep soundly on any tent surface.
  • This sleeping camping mattress can be easily rolled up into a compact size and stored with straps and buckles. This foldable floor mattress is lightweight and comes with a sturdy carry bag, convenient for you to take it on the go.
  • Made of memory foam and high-density foam, it will not get deformed for a long time of use, and have great resilience to support your body.


What should you take into consideration while going out for a vacation?


Weather of the destination places is the most important factor you should pay attention to. As we all know that bad weather conditions are not good for any vacations or other outdoor activities, and bad weather affect people's moods in some degree. So before leaving for a vacation, check around 15 days' weather, then start your trip.


Who will you choose to spend the vacation time together? They may be your family, friends, colleagues or spouse. Different companions will have different destination choices and different daily life habits. Chose the right people to start the vacation, which eables you enjoy most the vacation time.

Time & Budget

How long will you schedule for the vacation time and how much will you cost? You need to have a brief calculation. If your time and budget is enough, you can go to somewhere farther without worries of cost. If your time is enough but budget is limited, you can travel on a budget, which means that you choose the inexpensive but the most practical travelling method. No matter budget is enough or limited, hope you can enjoy the whole vacation time.

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