Expertly recommended ways to clean your washing machine

Recently, many customers have asked us the question: How do I clean my washing machine?

When washing machines are used for long periods of time and not cleaned regularly, mould can grow in the drum and washers, causing smelly clothes. In severe cases, limescale can also form in the pipes, leading to expensive repairs and possibly even a complete replacement. That's why everyone should know how to clean their washing machine. Even the best washing machines need to be cleaned occasionally.

Learning how to clean your washing machine will not only help to keep you safe from skin diseases but will also keep your washing machine running optimally.

This guide will outline how to deep clean a top-loading washing machine. These methods include using vinegar, baking soda, washing powder, bleach or washing machine cleaner. Read on to discover which method of washer cleaning is the best for you.

Safety Tip: Never mix vinegar and bleach.

  1. With your washing machine set on the highest and hottest setting, add four cups of white vinegar to the washing machine and start a cycle. However, once it is filled and barely started, pause the washing machine and let the water and vinegar sit for an hour.
  2. While waiting, you can clean the rest of the washing machine's surfaces by sprinkling the vinegar onto a microfibre cloth and wiping along the top and bottom of the lid, sides and front of the washing machine.
  3. The detergent and fabric softener dispenser of the washing machine needs special attention. A toothbrush will come in handy to really scrub their openings and get them fresh and clean.
  4. Once the first cycle is over, pour in a cup of baking soda and turn on the washing machine for another powerful cycle (still on the hottest/highest setting).
  5. Open the lid and let it air dry or you can wipe it with a dry microfibre cloth.
  1. Fill an empty washing machine with hot water, add a quart of bleach and let the whole machine run for one minute to mix the bleach with the water. Then open the top of the washing machine and let it sit for one hour in the presence of the bleach.
  2. After one hour, close the lid and allow the machine to run for one full cycle. (The water will have drained all the bleach out so it has no chance to mix with the vinegar).
  3. When it has finished, start it up again. This time, when you fill the washer with hot water, add a quart of white vinegar to the water and add it down the bleach channel.
  4. Let the machine run for a minute, stirring the water and vinegar. Then, open the top of the machine and again let sit for an hour before starting the programme.
  5. Spray the gasket, dispenser and the outside of the machine with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water. Wipe everything with a clean cloth.
  • How to Clean a Front-Loading Washing Machine With washing machine cleaning tablets

If you’re using a washing machine cleaner, you will need to directly follow the instructions, which usually just involves chucking a tablet into the tub.

  1. Place 1/2 cup of each powder in the washing basin and add hot water. Run the largest cycle at the hottest temperature.
  2. At the end of the cycle, add 1 quart of vinegar to the liquid dispenser tray or wash tub. Run the hot water wash cycle for a few more minutes and then stop, let the solution sit for 30 minutes and then continue.
  3. After the last wash cycle is complete, wipe the inside of the machine with a microfibre cloth to clean any residue.

Now that you know how to clean a washing machine, and that’s it, your machine should be spotless!


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