FAQs and Troubleshooting for the Blue + White Washing Machine


Washing machines are our top selling. This 20 lbs Washer Spain Spinner Portable Washing Machine is one of the best sellings in our store. Its inexpensive but very practical. To help customers have deep understanding for this product, we summarized the most common FAQs, problems and solutions below. Here we begin:


  1. What are the water inlet and drain hosessizes?

   A: The inlet hose: length: 45.5” diameter:0.8”

The drain pipe has a diameter of 1.3 inch (3.3cm) and a length of 38 inch (97cm).


  1. If i wanted to add a drain pump to this washer, what kind of drain pump would Ineed?

  A: There is no special requirement for the drain pump, all those pumps able to be applied for washing machines will be OK.


  1. What's the size of the little belt ?

  A: The type of the little belt is A-710E


  1. Does this washing machine come with an inlet adapter? If not, what kind of adapter can I use?

  A: No, it doesn’t come with an adapter, this water inlet hose is suitable for general faucets, some faucets may need to install adapters,you can try to match it by yourself.


  1. Does the drain hose need to be hooked to something?

 A: No, the drain hose doesn't need to be hooked up, it's hanging.


  1. Do you have a video on how to use the washing machine?

 A: Here is the video to show how to use it:  https://youtu.be/wKcpzLpwLvo


  1. What are the package’s dimension?

 A: Here are the package’s dimensions: 30.7*27.2*16.1 Inch(LxWxH)


  1. Can you run the wash on one side and dry on the other at the same time or just one at a time?

 A: Yes, You can run the wash on one side and dry on the other at the same time.


  1. How do we prevent mold from growing in the machine?

 A: Please ensure that the water in drainage pipe is all discharged after each usage, put washing machine in the ventilated position, to ensure that there is no water accumulation for a long time, and regularly clean the washing machine.


  1. Is there a water level indicator? Where is the water line?

 A: Where there's an H, that's the water line, on the side of the filter. 


  1. How much does it weigh?

 A: It’s Weighing 33.5lbs


  1. What are the holes in the back of the washing machine for?

 A: These holes are used to hang the plug when you don't use the machine.


  1. Can hot water be used in this machine? Can bleach be used?

 A: The water temperature cannot be higher than 50 ℃, and bleach can be used for this product.


  1. Does this machine comes with the roller wheels?

 A: No, it doesn’t.


  1. How many gallons does the machine uses if used on high?

 A: It’s 46L


  1. I’m wondering if I can turn off the child lock?

 A: This machine does not have a child lock.


  1. What is the power and voltage required for the washing machine?Is this energy efficient?

 A: The required voltage of the washing machine is 110-120V, the washing power is 300W, and the dehydration power is 110W. It’s energy efficient.


  1. Where does the rinse cycle occur?

 A: The middle selection is to choose the cleaning mode, the left is the washing time, the right is the dehydration time


Is the above FAQs helpful?

Most automatic electric or semi-automatic electric machines may encounter some functional issues during usage, the following contents will focus on the main problems customers will meet and the solutions.

Problem: Smells of Burning

Solution: If the customer determines that the burning smell is caused by the motor under the drying bucket, it may be caused by the water leakage of the drying bucket, but this is relatively rare.

In addition, it may be that the motor is overloaded, causing the motor to overheat, causing the burning smell. The customer needs to confirm whether there is water leakage and whether the clothes with water are too heavy and overloaded. The clothes can't be dried. Apart from the influence of the customer's own clothes humidity, the revolving speed of the drying bucket is insufficient. If the revolving speed is relatively slow, it may be a problem with the motor.

Problem: It’s dirty and not in a hard water spots from testing kind of way

Solution: We didn't clean it up after testing and over time the water evaporated stains were left behind, and the factory didn't check carefully before boxing it up resulting in. But it will not affect usage of the washing machine.

Problem: The machine is not working

Solutions: 1. Check whether the washing machine motor is running, plug in the power supply, turn on the switch, and can you hear the sound of the motor running. If there is a sound of motor running, then the belt is off. Remove the base and install the belt.

2. If the motor does not run, then disassemble the top control panel, tap the safety switch inside by hand, close the washing machine cover, and see if the two copper pieces on the safety switch can fit together, if they fit together , Then install the control panel.

3. If the above two methods are tried, it still does not work, then open the back cover, there is a plastic bag, and see if the power cord inside has fallen off. If it falls off, connect the power cord of the same color. can. If it is normal, then the fuse may be broken, just replace the fuse. If none of the above can be solved, then you can only replace with a new machine, maybe the motor is broken

Customers will meet different problems while using the machine. Detailed issues will have specific solutions to solve them. What else do you want to know about this washing machine? Whenever you have questions or problems, you can contact our customer service team and we will provide professional and accurate answers and solutions.


  • Fremando

    Does this machine has two separate belts for each tub?

  • Fremando

    My washer is working but the spinning section for the dehydration is not.i turn the timer but nothing happens

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