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Autumn comes, it's getting cold gradually. All living species are preparing for the winter, especially the animals and plants, as early as possible. There are many green plants can't withstand the severely cold weather and will die. People who grow those kinds of plants need to prepare a warm and comfortable greenhouse for the plants.

What is a greenhouse? A greenhouse is a structure that allows people to regulate climatic conditions, such as temperature and humidity. People can use it to grow vegetables, flowers, ultivate microorganisms and so on. If you want to grow some plants in winter, don't miss this article.

Portable Walk in Greenhouse

  • Some of your liked vegetables or flowers can't grow in the winter, but there are many fresh green vegetables in the market in winter, not to say, they are grown in the warm greenhouse.
  • If someone wants to grow the vegetables, flowers or fruits at the same time in cold weather, a big greenhouse is the best choice. This greenhouse provides a large space for the plants to grow freely. It features a durable mesh PE cover that protects from direct sunlight, is waterproof and UV resistant.
  • At the same time, it has 8 screen shutter windows and 2 zipper doors to achieve ventilation, control temperature and climate, and prevent other threats such aspests, perfect for those who grow food year-round or bring crops to market.

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Greenhouse/ For Raised Garden Bed

  • Putting on the wood bottom with legs(not comes with this greenhosue), this greenhouse can be used as a raised garden bed. When it's used as a greenhouse alone, it's lightweight and portable, convenient to move inside if it's severe weather.
  • 2 large zippered roll-up doors provide optimum air circulation and are great for moving your plant pots as well as taking care of your loved vegetables ans fruits. Overlong cover design make the greenhouse more secure to be fixed by stones on the edge.

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Outdoor Portable Greenhouse Mini Walk in

  • This is a typical shaped greenhouse, square frame and triangular roof. If you don't want to spend much time choosing a greenhouse, you can take this one, time-saving for you and practical.
  • 8 wired shelves divides the 2 sides into 3 tiers. You can place different potted plants on different tiers as your preferences. The open-and-close door allows the inside plants to get fresh air and absorb more sunlight, helpful for their growth.
  • Place it in the garden, it will be a beautiful decor.

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Unique Shaped Mini Greenhouse

  • Most prefer to beautiful things and good-looking people, or something special. Close to an egg shape, this greenhouse may catch your eyes at first sight.
  • Its Overall Dimensions: 63” x 54.5” x 72” (L x W x H), a small one. So, if you plan to grow too many plants, this one is not a good choice. Equipped with 9 ground stakes, and 4 wind ropes, the mini greenhouse can be firmly secured on the ground, easy to install it for use or store.

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Walk-in Lean-to Greenhouse

  • It saves much space. Unlike freestanding greenhouses, our tilt-up greenhouse is built against the side of a house or other building, which maximizes your limited space and is perfect for a small backyard or garden.
  • There are 7 wall-mounted devices included to prevent the greenhouse from tipping over. Besides, 4 ground stakes and 4 wind ropes are helpful to help you securely fix the greenhouse.
  • With big inside space, it provides ample space for you to walk-in and move. The 3-tier flower rack will display more plants.

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What do you need to pay attention to when you use a greenhouse?

Enough Sunlight and Water

Sunlight plays an important role in plants growth. In the cold wehather, you are advised to leave plants in the greenhouse more time to absorb enough sunlight, and don't forget to water them regularly, some once a week, some once for little or more time. If they are malnourished or are infested with insects, before they get more ill, timely fertilizing is also needed.

Proper Climate

If you want to grow plants in the inappropriate seasons, what you need to consider at the first place is the climate, proper temperature and humidity. Measure the greenhouse's inside temperature and humidity regularly. It's more convenient to put a thermometer and hygrometer inside, better to observe the inside climate whenever it is.

Plants' Nature Enemies   

All things are interdependent. Many plants can't live together with their nature enemies. For instance, cucumbers can't be grown together with tomatoes. The cucumbers are not drought tolerant. If you water them every day, they will bloom very quickly and become tender. Tomatoes are different. If you water them too much, they will rot. Tomatoes are relatively drought-tolerant.

So before growing the plants you want, check their planting tips. In order to obtain enough harvest, take good care of those green elfs.

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