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After a long-time summer vacation time, a new semester is upcoming, thousands of students will go back to school. University and college students, parents of other young students need to purchase many study stuffs and daily life stuffs for themselves or their children.

What needs to be prepared for back to school? It's better to make a purchase list, from the important things to trifling. There are some necessary stuffs for students to mention.


The stationery is essential. Most students need gel pens, the younger primary school students mostly use pencils and erasers, pencil boxes, etc. And all students need notebooks to take kinds of notes or calculate.

For tutoring, a portable whiteboard or a blackboard may work. They are convenient for home study use.

Study Desk

  • Students usually have much homework to do after school, a proper study/writing desk plays a key role to do that. If there is no enough space for a bookcase, this white desk with 5 cubbic hutches and 2 drawers is the best choice. Students are able to put stationery, books or the photo frames in the cubbic hutches and 2 drawers.
  • White color looks clean and tidy, which makes students not distract easily. The spacious tabletop is ideal for study or work. It also comes with non-slip foot pads to protect the floor from scratches. The surface is smooth, easy to clean by wet cloth.
  • What's more, it's specially designed with a built-in charging station with 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports. Sometimes students need to search study resources online. No matter this desk is used to study or work, it's convenient for the cell phones or laptops to get charged.

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A Desk Chair

  • From the pupils to university students, it's a very long time period. A long-lasting and height adjustable chair may be a good choice. This chair's seat height can be adjusted from 16" to 21", meet different needs.
  • Designed with an ergonomic arc-shaped backrest and wide armrests, our desk chair conforms to the curves of your body and the wide armrests allow your hands to relax comfortably. No worry about that the small child may fall down from the 2 sides.
  • Featured with 5 swivel wheels, it allows the users to move freely with zero burden. It also comes with sit-brake casters to automatically lock when the load exceeds 66 lbs. There are 4 color options to meet different aesthetic needs.

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A Bookshelf or Bookcase

  • Students usually have many books,such as the textbooks and the extracurricular readings. Sometimes they need a bookshelf to collect them into different collections, convenient for them to find the one needed quickly.
  • This tree bookcase is designed with 10 wide shelves in total, you can stack books based on different classification rules on each shelf. Moreover, there is a pull-out wooden drawer at the bottom, allowing you to gain privacy for keys.
  • Since the tree bookshelf extends mainly vertically, it only takes up a corner space, space-saving for limited space. In addition, the ample storage it offered is suitable for diverse items, which allows for versatile applications.

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Before back to school, keep these in mind

  1. Check whether your homework is finished or not; whether the extracurricular activities are completed.
  1. University and college students or those who live in the dormitory need to purchase many daily life stuffs, such as toothbrush and toothpaste, sheet and duvet cover set, hair shampoo and shower gel, and so on. Every one will have different habits, someone may need more other things. Don't forget to purchase enough what you need.
  1. If you are a freshman, it's important to take the admission letter and all the credentials: the ID card, passport, etc. Remember to take debit cards or master cards to pay the tuition fee and living expenses.
  1. Keep a good mood to expect a new semester. Have a good beginning and you will have confidence to overcome all kinds of difficulties in the future.

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