Have A Private Space at Home

There is a popular word “shekong” in China recently, which refers to people those who have fear of social interaction, they like staying in personal space.

Do you like stay alone for most time or gather with some friends or family? If your answer is the former, you may like personal private space a lot. It’s a good choice for you to divide your living space into a few parts. Room dividers are elegant decorations for home and Here we will recommend you some room dividers which will reach your target.

4 Panel 6FT Tall Bamboo Room Divider

If your bathroom is big enough, this bamboo room divider may be your first choice.

You can use this room divider to separate the bathroom into 2 parts, one part is for shower, and the other for brushing your teeth and washing your face. While you are taking a shower, you can also put the exchanged clothes on the divider. The one who is brushing teeth will not have any effect to the one who is taking a shower. Since it’s made of bamboo, if you use it in the bathroom, remember to put it away from the shower area, and sometimes leave it basking in the sun to dispel dampness. So, you can use it for long-lasting time. If you don’t need to use it, just fold it and store it in a corner which doesn’t apply a big storage space.

4 Panel 5 Ft Display Room Divider

If you want a small private space in your bedroom, you can check this one: 4 Panel 5 Ft  Display Room Divider

Separate the main area from your small personal area by this divider.

You can stay at your small area to read or bask in the sun in winter.

You are able to use it with pegboard hooks to easily display items in an eye-appealing manner. (Note that hooks are not included. )You can also use this folding screen as a home decoration to keep jewelry, tools or other items organized. It’s a special style for displaying design. Made of high quality MDF plus superior metal hinges, the room divider is stable and durable.

6 Panel Room Divider Screen/Shelves

This one is suitable for a big living room, dining room or study room, and you can also use it in any big room you want.

Firstly, this room divider’s natural and elegant sense is suitable many interior design space. If you use it in the living room, you can separate the TV area and balcony area, leisure time and entertainment time. Secondly, with the two shelves equipped, it allows you to place exquisite decors and beautify your room. You can easily separate your room and get your personal space. What’s more, the shelves can store some books and photo frames or other small decorations for your home, display and storage functions are practical.

Every one will have moments when they want to stay alone, and every one will like a small personal space to do what they like and what they want.If your living space is big enough, room dividers can be a choice to separate a private space. Choices for room dividers will be different from person to person, style to style. No matter to use it for decoration or separating a private small space, you will always find a room divider on our end.To find more types of room dividers, click here

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