How to find matching furniture pieces?

Furniture is an essential part of home decoration, and choosing the right furniture can add beauty and functionality to your home space. However, choosing among the many brands and categories of furniture is not easy.

The matching of furniture is a very important part of space layout, which can affect the atmosphere and beauty of the entire space. Below we will introduce some tips and methods for furniture matching.


First of all, color matching is a very important part of furniture matching. We should choose appropriate colors based on the overall style and atmosphere of the space. For example, bright colors can bring vitality and relaxation to the space, while warm colors can bring warmth and comfort. At the same time, when choosing colors, we must also pay attention to the color matching between furniture to avoid excessive clutter and conflict.

Black color is always easy to match with other colors of furniture, we will start by a black coffee table

Giantex Marble Coffee Table

  • For this marble coffee table, you can match black sofas or other light colors of chairs and end tables.

Remember that don’t apply more than 3 colors, or the entire space will look cluttered.


Secondly, the shape and size of the furniture are also factors to consider. Furniture of different shapes and sizes can bring different feelings and atmospheres to a space. For example, large-sized furniture can create a sense of momentum and grandeur, while small-sized furniture can bring a sense of lightness and liveliness. Therefore, when matching furniture, we should choose suitable furniture according to the size and needs of the space.

If the dining room has limited space, s small round dining table is a better choice.

Giantex Dining Table with 40" D Round Tabletop

  • This dining table comfortably accommodates up to 4 people, making it ideal for intimate family gatherings and cozy meals together. The thoughtful round corners ensure safety and prevent accidental scratches or bumps.
  • It matches the limited space and save space for the dining room.

Furniture’s own style

In addition, the style of the furniture also needs to be considered. Different styles of furniture can bring different atmospheres and feelings. For example, modern style furniture can bring a sense of simplicity and fashion, while classical style furniture can bring a sense of elegance and nobility. When matching furniture, we should choose the appropriate furniture style based on the overall style of the space and personal preferences.

If the living room’s interior style is modern and simple, this will match

Set of 4 White - Wooden Chairs

  • This dining chair set is both practical and stylish, with walnut and white finishes that can complement any decorating style and enhance the appeal of any dining room. By using the armless silhouette, you can easily slide these chairs under your table and optimize your floor space.
  • Modern and simple style furniture can always match most kinds of interior decoration style.


The layout of furniture should take into account the usage habits and functional needs of family members. For example, if your living room is small, then the placement of sofas and coffee tables needs to take into account how to maximize the use of space and avoid creating a feeling of crowding.

Sofa is usually the key point for a living room, a suitable and comfortable sofa is important for both owners and guests.

Giantex Modular Sectional Sofa

  • The simple style and light color enable it to match different kinds of decoration styles. Plus, you can combine different parts into the loveseat sofa, 3-seater sofa, or 4-seater sofa for different uses. Meanwhile, the spacious seating area, thick padded seat cushion, ergonomic backrest, and side armrests enable you to sit with comfort. It provides both functionality and comfort.

Material coordination

Finally, the material of the furniture should be coordinated with other materials of the overall home environment. If the floor in your home is solid wood, then solid wood furniture may be a good choice; if the floor in your home are ceramic tiles, then glass or metal furniture may be more suitable.

The same example for coffee tables, here are 2 styles for comparison:

Suppose that your floor is solid wood, match the wood furniture or those with classic style

Giantex Retro Wood Coffee Table

  • Its color and material both match the solid wood floor.
  • With an elegant wood grain, the simple lines and natural colors make it suitable for many styles, especially for solid wood floor. And in this situation, it’s better to match furniture pieces in darker colors and those with vintage style.

If your floor is ceramic tiles, the simple and modern style fits best.

Giantex Oval Glass Coffee Table

  • The perfect combination of clear crystal glass and shiny silver metal endow our unique coffee table with a sophisticated aesthetic and fresh visual effect. Whether placed in the living room, office or on the balcony, it is a gorgeous addition while coexisting harmoniously with other furniture.

Furniture plays a key role in our daily life, we need them while eating ,studying, relaxing or sleeping.

To sum up, furniture matching is a very important part of space layout. We should comprehensively consider the color, size, style, functionality and material coordination to choose the appropriate furniture matching solution to make the entire space more harmonious, beautiful and practical.

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