How To Maintain PU Leather Furniture?

Real leather furniture is expensive and difficult to clean. Many users choose to use PU leather furniture. PU leather is a synthetic material, mainly made of animal double skin. It not only has the softness and breath ability of natural leather, but also is more wear-resistant and comfortable than leather. Some good quality PU leather is even better than real leather!

In addition, the most important thing is that the price of PU leather is close to the public, so everyone likes it very much. But even if PU leather is wear-resistant, we must pay attention to maintenance and usage lifespan. Let's take a look at the maintenance methods of pu leather furniture.

1. Before use

The leather furniture should be wiped clean of dust and stains with a soft cloth. Do not place too many heavy objects on the furniture to avoid deformation. When using, try to reduce friction with hard objects to prevent damage to the leather surface. Daily care: Leather furniture will become wrinkled and sticky after being used for a long time. At this time, you can dip a small amount of edible vinegar with a cotton cloth, wipe it gently on the wrinkles, and then wash it with warm water and dry it. Do not use alcohol, gasoline, banana water and other organic solvents to wipe, and do not use abrasive paper or coarse sandpaper to remove thick marks on the leather surface

Giantex Modern Convertible Futon Sofa Bed

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2.Proper Room Environment

Try to avoid direct sunlight or high/low-temperature baking to prevent the leather from becoming hard and deformed, and avoid contact with alkaline substances to prevent discoloration.

3. During Use

If the leather furniture is bitten by an animal, it should be washed with soapy water in time, and do not scratch it with a sharp object. If it's damaged, you can use similar PU leather to glue or seam it if possible. Although it maybe ugly, try your best to make it look as its original appearance.

4. Cleaning

Use a cotton cloth dipped in a little vinegar or alcohol to wipe it, and then dry it with a hot towel. Cleaning method of leather furniture: Daily cleaning of leather furniture should be done well, first of all, it should be wiped gently with soft cotton cloth or towel dipped in warm water, and secondly, keep the room clean to avoid dust and moisture. Especially in the humid areas of the south, more attention should be paid. Then you can use a soft towel dipped in water to wipe off the dirt, and then wipe it again with a damp cloth.

5. Maintenance After Use

If not properly maintained, leather furniture will fade, lose luster, deform, reduce softness, and lack ductility. This step of care is usually carried out after cleaning. You can choose leather care essential oils or lotions, which can effectively nourish and repair, inhibit bacteria and prevent mildew, and restore the luster of leather furniture.

Home Office Chair

PU leather office chairs will eable your office to look tidy and formal, very suitable for working places. Some can also be reclined and removed, easy for you to move and chat with colleagues if needed.

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To conclude, some families with more noble decorations will have leather furniture, and reasonable methods should be paid attention to during normal maintenance. The several methods introduced above are very scientific, and they will also be very effective in removing the dirt on the surface and prolonging the life. The maintenance effect is getting better and better, and it is necessary to reasonably grasp the requirements and details in this process. The overall cleaning effect of the care will be better, and a very good gloss effect can be maintained at all times.

If you have any other PU leather maintenance methods we didn't mentioned above, welcome your comment below. We accept different ideas.

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