Make Your Garden More Vigorous

"Green" is one of the most important parts for a beautiful and natural garden. The plan ts sprout and flowers blossom during Spring. The green plants grow fast in Spring and will get lush gradually in Summer.

What about your garden fence? Do you want to make your garden more beautiful and vigorous? If your answer is yes, you may need these decorative leaves.

Giantex 12PCS 20x20inch Artificial Boxwood Panels


Great for Indoor & Outdoor Decoration: The artificial Boxwood panel enables to help you create a private personal space indoors or outdoors. In the public, it can also become a charming decoration to attract more attention. For example, it can be served as a wedding background wall or as a good decoration in a restaurant to create a sense of nature.

High-density Boxwood Panel: It is worth mentioning that 12 tiles of 20" x 20"(33.3 square feet) artificial hedge panels feature a height of 1.5" and 4 layers of leaves for a more lush and realistic appearance. By strategically placing artificial fences in areas that may be exposed, you can decorate your house while ensuring personal privacy.

Artificial Hedges Faux Ivy Leaves Fence


Tightly Attached Leaves - Our faux Ivy leaves are closely attached to the mesh screen. All leaves are evenly distributed on the mesh panel. It is compact enough but the distance between each leaf allows sufficient air and sunlight to enter.

Easy to Maintain Clean - The Faux Ivy leaf hedge is eco-friendly and will not release toxic chemicals. It can be washed with a garden hose and then become brand new.

Artificial Eucalyptus Hedge Plant Privacy Fence Panels


Long-lasting & Bright Color: Thanks to the exquisite craftsmanship, the bright green color makes this artificial lawn look like real and vibrant Eucalyptus. Additionally, it features sun protection therefore it will keep bright color for a long time to provide you with the authenticity of greenery.

Easy to Install & Convenient to Maintain: With the clear user manual and the necessary tools, you don't have to worry about installation difficulties. The snap locks design is committed to interlocking the tile panels. Meanwhile, you can cut the shape of them to fit any space. Besides, the attached 40 zip ties help fasten the panels to a fence conveniently.

Best for the garden wedding background  decorations

Giantex 12PCS 20x20inch Artificial Boxwood Panels


With flowers: These are not decorative leaves only, they are designed with some flowers on the leaves, which is a good decoration for weddings, ceremonies or other outdoor garden parties.

Attactive decorations: this artificial Laurel & Daisy panel will make your walls and fences become eye-catching decorations. The 12 tiles with 4-layer leaves at 2.6" high will add green and natural screen to your backyard fences. 

Expandable Fence with Leaves, 6.5ft Privacy Screen


Multipurpose decorative artificial fence: the artificial hedge features dense leaves and flowers not only add to its aesthetic but also can block out harsh sunlight or protect your private areas that might be exposed. In order to better meet your different needs, artificial fences can be flexibly expanded, you can adjust the length and width of the background wall or use more fences to achieve different combinations.

Beautiful look: Combinations with leaves flowers, this fence can catch every one's eyes at first sight. It's best for different celeration occasions and outdoor weddings, and a good decoration for the balcony.

Spring is ending and the summer will come soon. Add some decorations leaves to your garden to make it look more beautiful and vigorous.

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