Precautions for Electric Heated Mattress Pad Use

Temperature drops suddenly recently and cold winter is coming soon. To live a warm and comfortable winter life, people have many methods to get warmth. Outside, they wear scarves gloves and caps; When they stay indoors, they apply some heating household appliances. What have you applied? Let’s begin with an electric heated mattress pad.

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing Electric Heated Mattress Pad for warmth to sleep well in winter. As long as it is plugged in, it will generate heat. The Electric Heated Mattress Pad is quick and easy to use and has good heating effect. How much do you know about it? You will acquire much knowledge about the heated mattress pad after reading following contents.

What kind of Electric Heated Mattress Pad to choose?

When buying an Electric Heated Mattress Pad, you are advised to check the product's factory information to see if it is an Electric Heated Mattress Pad from a regular manufacturer. You must also check whether there is an inspection label. If not, no matter how good the quality of the electric heated mattress pad is, you cannot buy it.

When choosing Electric Heated Mattress Pad, it is recommended to choose a thicker corduroy fabric, because this kind of fabric is more comfortable and very comfortable to use. It will not cause low-temperature burns, and it is not easy to cause damage to the wires inside when used or stored. It is not easy to cause damage to the wire. Electric Heated Mattress Pad are suitable for use on hard beds. Do not use them on Simmons, steel wire beds and sofa beds, due to the fact that the wires are easily deformed and broken when stretched or bent after being stressed.

Giantex Heated Mattress Pad

  • The heated bed pad is equipped with 2 remote controls, perfectly satisfying the demands of both 2 people. You and your partner can adjust the temperature and set the time from 1-12 hours independently.
  • Moreover, approved by ETL and FCC, the heated pad also possesses an 8-hour auto-off function and overheat protection for higher safety.
  • The electric mattress pad fits mattresses up to 15" thickness, not only offers you a soft touch and endless comfort but also ensures even heat distribution and long-lasting service life.
  • There are 10 heating levels from 84 Fahrenheit to 108 Fahrenheit for you to choose from, which can always keep the mattress pad at a suitable temperature

The electric heated mattress is a good stuff to keep you warm in winter. However, there are always something you need to pay attention to when using Electric Heated Mattress Pad. If these details are ignored, health risks may arise.

The Electric Heated Mattress Pad Spreading tips

  1. Electric Heated Mattress Pads should be placed between quilts and sheets, not under cotton mattresses, to prevent slow heat transfer and local high temperatures that may burn components and cause fires.
  2. The Electric Heated Mattress Pad should be laid flat on the bed and cannot be folded, because it is full of wires, to avoid the inside wires bending or breaking, causing the possibility of leakage.
  3. When laying out the Electric Heated Mattress Pad, don't stretch it too hard, just spread it gently, because the wires in the electric heated mattress pad are very thin, and excessive force can easily break the inside wires.
  4. The temperature of an Electric Heated Mattress Pad can sometimes reach very high, which can easily cause low-temperature burns. Therefore, when using an Electric Heated Mattress Pad, it should not be placed directly on the layer that is in direct contact with the body. Instead, a thinner mattress should be placed on top, or It's bed sheets to avoid burns caused by too high a temperature.

Use precautions

Before going to bed

  1. Turn on the Electric Heated Mattress Pad an hour or two before going to bed so that it can warm the bedding.
  2. Do not use the Electric Heated Mattress Pad at a high setting continuously, for that  continued temperature rise can easily cause the bedding on fire. Although this rarely happens, you should pay attention to it just in case.Even at low settings, you cannot sleep with the power on until dawn, as it can easily cause chronic burns.
  3. It’s better to turn it off before going to bed.
  4. In the event of a fire, cut off the power supply immediately and cover the fire with a dry cloth. Do not splash water as this may easily lead to the risk of electric shock.

For yourself

  1. You can apply some moisturizing lotion appropriately on your body to prevent dry and flaky skin.
  2. Place a cup of boiling water by the bedside to prevent too much water from evaporating from the body due to too much heat from the electric heated mattress pad.
  3. Do not apply the Electric Heated Mattress Pad directly to a certain part of the body skin to heat it.

After getting up

  1. Be sure to turn off the power of the Electric Heated Mattress Pad when going out, otherwise it may cause a fire.
  2. After using an Electric Heated Mattress Pad, the mattress will feel wet to the touch, which may be caused by the moisture in the body. If you continue to use an Electric Heated Mattress Pad on a wet mattress, it may cause a short circuit. Therefore, the mattress should be aired every few days to keep it dry.

The storage tips

If the winter ends and you will not use it for some time, it is better to put it in a separate place and never put other things on it, because the more things you put on it, the greater the damage to the wires in the electric heated mattress pad. Do not cover the Electric Heated Mattress Pad with flammable items such as newspapers, clothing, etc.

Generally speaking, the lifespan of an Electric Heated Mattress Pad is 7,000-10,000 hours, which is five or six years. After expiration, it will age and easily cause fires, so it must be replaced regularly.

Except for the electric heated mattress pad, we also recommend an

electric heated blanket

  1. There are 5 adjustable heating settings which allows you to set temperature from 72" to 122", and you can easily select a customizable temperature as needed.
  2. The soft warming blanket is a necessary addition to different occasions during cold winter season. Whether watching TV on the sofa, lounging on the bed, or napping in the office the blanket is dreamy snug for you to cover.
  3. This is a perfect gift for all ages family and friends.

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