Some Ideas to Choose A Jewelry Armoire

Almost every woman or girl has kinds of cosmetics and accessories  including necklaces, bracelets, hair pins, ear rings and so on. Many women will buy different organizers to collect the accessories orderly. To collect them, most people will collect by classifications, then choose a proper jewelry armoire cabinet according to their requirements and preferences. How many types of accessories do you have and what kind of jewelry armoire will you choose? If you don’t have any ideas, here are some recommendations.

  1. If you want one with makeup mirror, the Rotating Jewelry Armoire with Higher Full Length Mirror  is your best choice.

Designed with 120 earring slots, 54 stud holes, 78 ring slots, 24 necklace hooks, one bracelet bar, 5 storage racks, 3 acrylic storage boxes and 2 dust-proof storage pockets, it provides plenty storage space and keeps all the jewelry well organized. It also has a 360°rotating feature, which makes you take out what you need conveniently. jewelry armoire and mirror 2-in-1 design, enables you to dress up beautifully from the mirror. After taking out the accessories you need, close the door and it will just become a normal standing mirror. You can put it in the bathroom or in the bedroom.

  1. If you just have a small bedroom with limit space, a small Standing Jewelry Cabinet Armoire will meet your need.

With 4 standing legs, you can move it easily. It also has a mini top mirror. It’s our newly designed Jewelry Cabinet which serves as a perfect example for large storage capacity and high quality. The 5center drawers save u a large space for your favorite accessories such as bracelets, glasses, ties, scarves, watches, perfumes while the interior hooks on the side doors prevent your necklaces and chains from tangling and fold into form a sleek, uniform front. And the traditional turned post legs make this jewelry armoire timeless and elegant. Although it just has 5 drawers and 2 side doors to store, it’s very suitable for the small bedroom space, and can store enough accessories.

    3.If you have a large number of accessories and stuffs to store, you can take this  one into consideration Large Jewelry Armoire Cabinet      

Coming with 8 drawers and 2 side doors storage space, it has enough space to store them orderly. The 2 side doors are designed with 16 vintage style and heavy duty hooks for hanging accessories, such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The drawers storage space is usually left some. Except the accessories, you can also use the left drawers to store socks, underwear. Regardless of its large storage space, this jewelry armoire cabinet has an attractive outlook, which is a good decor to the bedroom.

4. If you want a wall-mounted design one, here is the Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer Cabinet

This one is space-saving and also can store accessories but with limit storage space. You can mount it on the bedroom wall or on the bathroom wall. Unlike the standing cabinets which have enough drawers or shelves storage space, it may not store so many accessories, but its exquisite design is specific and eye-catching.

No matter you are young or old, rich or poor, it’s women’s nature to pursue beauty. They always buy some accessories they don’t need and the reason to buy is just that the stuffs they purchased are good-looking. How many accessories do you possess? Do you have any idea what kind of jewelry cabinets you want most? Maybe everyone has her own preferences. Hope our information can help you in some degree.

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