Some Outdoor Decors You May Need

We recommended some necessary garden accessories:planter boxes and raised beds in our previous articles. The gardens should not be monotonous. There are many other decors you can add to the garden. If you have a big deck with your house, things will be different from the garden.

What will you think about in the first place when it comes to the deck? Is it the parasol umbrella or the rattan furniture set? Furniture set may be necessary. But today, we will talk about something different from above.

Aluminum Mailbox with Post

  • Nowadays, people prefer to use cell phones to keep contact with good friends or families. But in ancient times, letter is the most popular way to keep contact with our beloved. So the mailbox is necessary for every family.
  • If you have a front garden, this mailbox can be one of your choices. With its retro patterns and elegant appearance, can be a highlight of your space, a good decor. There bronze and black colors options.
  • Equipped with a lockable door and 2 keys, easy to use and more secure. The innovative baffle door allows for easy delivery of letters. The large interior space can accommodate daily letters, magazines, newspapers, etc


Wooden Garden Pathway

  • Many gardens will have a large grass field, in order to protect the grassfields' original look, it's a good method to put a garden pathway on the grassfields. It can be placed on the fence edge, on the way to the pools or lakes.
  • Composed of 42 pieces of selected fir wood in 1 pc with exquisite workmanship and waterproof paint, this straight wooden pathway is weather-resistant. It's also a good design to keep your feet clean and dry from damp mud, harsh stones and sands.
  • This wooden garden walkway can be easily rolled up into a small size shape, making storage and carrying easier. The installation is not required. If you don't need it, just roll it for stoage. If you want to clean the surface, just rinse it with a hose.


Wooden Wishing Well with Hanging Bucket

  • If you want the garden look retro style, this rustic and beautiful wooden wishing well will help in some degree.
  • In the middle of this wishing well and the hanging bucket, you can plant your favorite plants and flowers, to add more varieties to the garden, creating a natural and lively ambience and making your garden or patio more charming and attractive.
  • Made of solid fir wood and handled in carbonized surface, it ensures long-lasting usage without any worries of bad weather.


5 ft Wooden Garden Bridge

  • Some gardens may be designed in special ways with creeks, and this garden bridge will be the best choice. It's not only used to pass creeks easily, but also it can decorate the garden, very practical.
  • The half-wheel style rails on each side make you feel more relaxed and safe when you cross the bridge. Besides it comes with 6 premium pillar to give you an extra support and prevent you from accidentally falling.
  • It's supported by a thickened structure with reinforced screws, which guarantees strong bearing capacity and good stability, bearing a maximum weight of 400 lbs.


20 PCS Interlocking Patio Deck Tiles

  • This 20 pcs deck tile set is mainly designed for the terrace, patio deck, to make the places look like as the same as the indoor living space. In addition, its style helps you match patio furniture sets easily and harmoniously.
  • Featuring actual pre-oiled acacia wood logs, it has the real effect of a hardwood floor at a lower cost. And thanks to the plastic mats, those tiles won't mess up your old floor. 
  • A total of 20 pcs tiles set creates a covering an area as large as 20 Sq. Ft, and you can cut the tile and make some trim to DIY your own floor.


Giantex EVA Foam Boat Decking

  • Compared with the deck tiles, this foam decking is more flexible for use. You can use on the deck or the indoor living space because it's easy to remove from one place to another, and easy to cut into the shape you want.
  • The diamond pattern design increases friction and adds beauty Self-adhesive back will adhere stably to the surface.
  • Made of EVA Foam, it has good cushioning, shock resistance and water resistance, and is easy to clean the surface.


FAQs About the Deck Foam And Deck Tile

1. Can I use them in the indoor living space?

Yes, you can use them anywhere you want for the indoor space, but you need to cut them in the size or shape you need.

2. How to maintian them?

For the deck foam: use the vacuum cleaner to sweep garbages and use the wet mop to clean the surface.

For the deck tile set: clean the surface with wet mop, then oil them every 2 or 3 months.

3. What sizes are they?

Deck Foam Dimensions: 75" x 28" x 0.2" (L x W x Thickness)

Each Tile Dimentions: 12'' x 12'' x 1'' (L x W x L)

It needs much time and concern to design an attractive and beautiful garden or deck. You need the furnitures, decors, plants, etc. And you also have to think about how to make all the stuffs you purchased matchable and beautiful. Startfrom something easy to do.

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