Some Useful Tools

What will you think of while mentioning tools?

Sometimes tools can get twice the result with half the effort, in some degree, make life more convenient and easier. Archimedes, the ancient scientist once said “as long as you give him a fulcrum and a stick, I can lift the entire earth.”Although it’s a metaphor, it highlights tools’ importance.

Tools can be seen here and there around us, at home, in the office, in the market, etc. You may not use them frequently or use them rarely, but when you need it, it can help a lot. Don’t you think so? You will agree with us after reading the following content.

1. Business Tools

  • E-commerce business is popular all over the world now, a big warehouse for the seller to store goods is necessary, which reduce more transit time and will leave customers good seller impression, especially for the customer’s first order in your store. Here are 2 essential tools usually used in the warehouse.

1.1 660 LBS Weight Computing Digital Scale

Packages’ weight and dimensions determine the shipping costs, so you need to measure the package box’s 3D sizes and weigh the whole box’s weight.


  • With this scale, you can weigh the box accurately. This scale has a good weight capacity with 4.40 lbs minimum weight and 660 lbs maximum weight. Besides, The lb/kg conversion button makes it easy for you to convert pounds into kilograms or vice versa and the built-in sensor ensures its accuracy and precision. The Weighing Unit is 0.22oz/100g.
  • Convenient for use. It has over three months of standby time, and 72 hours of continuous use when it is fully charged, no need to plug in the socket for use all the time. It’s designed with 4 adjustable skid-proof feet on the bottom parts for easy movement and keeping the platform balance. And the wheel set would not hurt the floor.

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1.2 Folding Platform Cart

If the warehouse staff need to hand out several packages to the shipping man, this platform cart works.

  • Built with solid steel for long-term use and great functionality, the push cart is well balanced and secure to maneuver a heavy load of 330 lbs weight, able to carry several packages together. In addition, the designed 360-degree rolling wheels make it easy to push or pull with this cart, saving much time and effort for the warehouse staff.
  • After use, if you will not use it for some time(this is rarely seen in the warehouse) you can fold down the handle easily to save space and store it anywhere you like. It fits in the trunk, the corners, anywhere in the warehouse. It can be also used in the groceries, supermarkets or at home. It is an ideal choice for limited space.

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1.3 66 LBS Digital Food Scale

Compared with the movable scale with 660 lbs capacity, this one is always seen in the vegetable market, seafood market, supermarket and express company.

  • Many foods on the market are sold in grams, this scale’s Division: 0.01lbs/5g and Precision: 1/3000F.S, which is able to provide you with accurate measurement data.
  • The control panel comes with a large LCD screen, and it can provide a clear data. Customers can check and read the weight, unit price and total price in a second conveniently. Also, it allows you to change the weight unit (KG/LB) according to your habits.

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2. Daily & Garden Tools

  • Daily life tools have many categories, depending on their functionality. And some may not be used frequently, but necessary for easy life.

2.1 Movable Shopping Cart

For shopping, the environment governments in different countries don’t recommend disposable plastic bags which are not good for the earth environment. Then a shopping cart can be applied for use. It’s not only for recyclable use, but also able to store more shopping goods than a disposable plastic bag.

  • It's more practical.
  • The 2 big wheels are used for this trolley cart bag to ensure a smooth and flexible moving. You can push it or pull it without getting stuck, saving much strength. This trolley cart is lightweight for easy transport and designed with fully foldable metal frame. When you don’t need to use it, you can fold it to store, really convenient.

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2.2 Folding Extendable Ladder

Suppose the occasions that you want to exchange the ceiling light’s bulb, you want to clean the high areas of the kitchen and the bathroom but you can’t reach that height. The extendable ladders can help you do those conveniently.

  • On high places, safety is the most important. The lockable hinges can be adjusted from 0° to 180°, making it flexible to change the shape of the ladder, and the reinforced stabilizer bar increases overall stability. The non-slip pedal and foot pads ensure higher stability and safety during use. So it’s safe to serve as the A-frame ladder, straight ladder, stairway platform, M-shaped ladder.

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2.3 Garden Hose Reel Cart

Many houses have a backyard or garden, the owners need to take care of the plants in the garden or backyard, especially watering them. In this situation, they connect a long hose to the tap for easy and quick watering. But after watering, what do they do with the hose? It’s impossible to throw it away, and it’s not practical to leave it anywhere. So they need a garden hose reel.

  • This garden hose cart can hold up to 330ft of 5/8" hose, 330ft of 3/4’’ hose or 400ft of 1/2'' hose (hose not included). And a 7 ft leader hose is included to help you connect the water system. Hence, our garden hose cart can easily help you to reach any corner of the garden and keep the garden tidy.
  • You can move it easily with hose on while watering the plants, very convenient for use or storage.

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Check around yourself, you may find many ignored tools in your life, work or other ocaasions. What other tools and their functions you can list and give an example?

What do you want us to intorduce to you in our next article? Welcome for your comments.

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