Start A Business with A Mannequin

Have you ever thought about opening a clothing store or a grocery store, or a supermarket? I did before, but lack of money.

If you want to start your business by opening a clothing store, what stuff will you purchase? There are many to-purchase lists, such as coat hangers, a currency-counting machine, coat racks, mannequins and so on. To purchase the mannequins, here are some tips you can refer to

Female adjustable detachable manikin

If you are looking for a female display mannequin, don't miss this Female Adjustable Detachable Manikin.

  • You can put on different kinds of clothes on this mannequin, skirts, T shirts, jeans, overcoats and so on.
  • It's also suitable to put on a pair of shoes of size 37.5.
  • Its genuine pose precisely mimics the attractive look of modern real man. Featuring plastic body and aluminum stent, this female mannequin Is durable for long-term use. Designed to keep your fashions up to date.

Torso Mannequin Choice

If you are just want one to display upper outer garment, this female height-adjustable torso mannequin can be your choice.

  • Coming with a drawing plate, it can firmly and stably stand without wobbling or shaking on a display platform.
  • The supporting rod can adjust height from 0-15.7", easily to meet your different needs of puting T shirts or jackets.
  • Made of white PP plastic, it's vivid & lively bust, perfect for conveying taste and charm of your clothes, which is eye-catching.

A different one for male

A full body male mannequin is usually higher than the female one. This 6ft male mannequin will meet your requirements.

  • The arms, legs and head of this mannequin all aredetachable for easy installation and storage. You could switch these componentsto all the direction as you like.
  • Coming with a solid metal base and stablealuminum pipe support, it can stand firmly and stably on the ground.
  • What's more, the mannequinbody has vivid facial expressions, vivid eyelashes, and lifelike eyes andblushes to give you a real feeling.

Clean and compact look

Male's clothing is usually designed to be compact, especially for the torso chothes. Take this male torso mannequin to attract male customers's attention.

  • White color with men's T-shirts or suits, it's able to catch male customers' eyes easily, thusing adding sales.
  • Made of solid and durable iron, the metal base ensures the stableness and sturdiness of the mannequin, which will also ensure long-term of use.
  • This male mannequin is made of light plastic and only weight 12 pounds, so it is convenient for you to move and suitable for you to place it anywhere.You could take this mannequin to your store or your booth just by yourself.

It's easy to start a business, but difficult to run business well. You must spend much time on research, such as people's opinions towards beauty and fashion. Different season and time will match different clothing. Never forget to learn experience.

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