The Best 5 Giantex Outdoor Umbrellas

A patio or deck umbrella can let you dine, and entertain, and for those who can, work outdoors without sweltering in what may be a harsh, glaring summer sun. The canopy construction of an outdoor umbrella is arguably the most crucial part, so be sure to look for a canopy constructed from durable, outdoor fabrics.

To help you choose the right sun umbrellas for your areas, we will recommend different kinds of umbrellas here.

Our Top Picks

Best For Large Space: 15ft Large Outdoor Umbrella Double-Sided

  • With the extra-large double-sided design, the 15ft patio umbrella provides you with more spacious shade space.No matter what kind of weather, if it's not heavy wind or rains, it will always protect you from the Sunlight or little rains. You can enjoy happy time with your friands and family, and chat freely under the umbrella.
  • the weather resistant umbrella can block hottest direct sunlight on summer days while ventilation holes enhance air circulation. You will not feel very hot under this umbrella in Summer days.

Price at time of publish: $189.95
Size: 15FT | Material: Steel, Polyester Fabric | Weight: 39 lbs


Best Budget: Giantex 10FT Patio Umbrella

  • If you want a suitable size and wood material instead of the steel or iron pole, we recommend this one. The 8 ribs and pole are made of solid bamboo wood, not only stable it is, but also a different feeling for you while sitting under the umbrella to enjoy yourself.
  • The most important reason we recommend this one is that you can only get it within $100. Besides, it's easy to close to carry, which is very convenient for you to take out for your beach holiday time.

Price at time of publish: $79.99
Size: 10FT | Material: Solid Wood, Bamboo, 180g Polyester Fabric, PP | Weight: 13 lbs


Best With Lights: Giantex Umbrella with 112 Solar Lights

  • With 112 solar-powered LED lights in total, this umbrella adds a twinkle to festivities. The solar power lights can be an especially nice touch if you like to entertain. Additionally, the tilt mechanism and its hand crank are easy to operate with minimal effort.
  • The Summer nightfall time is usually the most comfortable time during the whole day. With the LED lights, during the Summer nightfall time, you can have delicious supper meal outside, at the same time enjoying coolness. You will be impressed with the product's overall value and wide color selection.

Price at time of publish: $109.95
Size: 10FT | Material: Polyester Fabric, Metal | Weight: 29.5 lbs


Best Cantilever: Giantex Cantilever Umbrella Outdoor

  • You will feel completely comfortable and cool under the 10-foot canopy, which could easily cover a table and four to six chairs. Water rolled right off the canopy, which dried almost instantly, and our “bird doo” cleaned right off.
  • As a cantilever, its setup takes more effort than a standard patio umbrella. Also, the durable pole and mechanisms, rigid in calm air, tend to shake in a moderate breeze. That also could cause the canopy to move, annoyingly shifting the shade coverage. But we still love the offset, cantilever style for patios with seating arrangements that do not allow for a centered umbrella.

Price at time of publish: $94.95
Size: 10FT | Material: Iron, Polyester Fabric | Weight: 26 lbs


Best With Base Stand:Giantex Umbrella with 40 LBS Base Stand

  • There are many sun umbrellas without the bases or stands in the market. This umbrella comes with a 40 lbs base stand, and you don't have to purchase an extra stand to secure this umbrella, saving money for you.
  • Designed with modern appearance, it will be a perfect addition whether for family or commercial. It can be used in all weather with the large umbrella cover of 9'' to resist both UV and rain.

Price at time of publish: $179.95
Size: 9FT | Material: Polyester Cloth, Steel | Weight: Umbrella Stand: 40 lbs, Umbrella: 12 lbs


How We Tested the Outdoor Patio Umbrellas

First, we assembled the umbrellas on tables we hauled outdoors, checking for ease of following the manufacturer’s directions and how quickly the umbrella went from uncrating to deployment. Next, we opened the umbrellas, judging how easy it was for an average person to accomplish, based on the product’s design. That gave us a good opportunity to assess each umbrella on how easy it was to adjust, rotate or tilt, and whether that offered better shade or cover. Since many work-from-home employees elect to use their decks or patios as an “outdoor office,” we set up laptops and reported how well the umbrella covered the area, so the screen could be seen. To know more testing steps, check TheSpruce

For more umbrellas options, check Giantex

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