Tips to Maintain Wood Furniture

Wood furniture can also be divided different kinds, such as particalboard materail, fir wood, rubber wood, etc. We listed some advantages of wood furniture in our last blog. If you have interest, you can check.

Wood coffee table, wood bed, wood dining sets. Every home will keep several pieces of wood furniture, and we use some every day. So it's necessary to talk about some important tips to maintain the wood furniture.

1. Avoid sun exposure

The inside of solid wood furniture generally has a certain amount of moisture. If the furniture is exposed to the sun for a long time, the moisture inside the furniture will be evaporated quickly, which is prone to cracks. In addition, keep the furniture away from heat sources in the home, such as stoves, heating and other high-temperature and high-heat places.

2. Avoid moisture

The environment where the furniture is located should not be too humid, because too much moisture can easily cause mildew on the furniture.

3. Make furniture "breathable"

Furniture also needs to be breathable, so don't lay some impermeable materials, such as plastic sheeting.

So, it's important to choose right places to leave the wood furniture and the living room and dining room are good choices.

Set of 2 Wood Dining Chairs

4. Oil pollution treatment

Once the surface of wooden furniture is stained with oil, many people will be helpless. In fact, there is a very simple method that can effectively remove oil stains on the surface of furniture.

Specific method: Use residual tea as a cleaning agent to wipe, then add a small amount of corn flour, and continue to wipe until finally, the surface of the furniture is wiped clean. If your furniture is stuck with oil stains, you might as well try this little trick, I believe it will work wonders.

There is one piece of wood furniture easy to clean

Giantex Dining Table Set

5. Do not place heavy objects

Try not to place too heavy items on the wooden furniture. Generally, if it is placed for a long time, it will easily cause the surface of the furniture to deform.

6. Do not put the hot water cup directly on the table

If you put the hot water cup directly on the table, the table will leave traces, so to avoid it, you can use a layer of tablecloth to separate it, such as a glass table case is good, and the glass table case is separated from the table top.

7. avoid friction

Avoid direct friction between the surface of wooden furniture and hard objects, as it is easy to damage the paint surface and the texture of the wood surface.

8. Make sure the ground is level

If the ground is uneven, the furniture will be deformed after a long time. We can use this method to deal with this problem skillfully: use small pieces of wood to flatten the four corners.

This solid pine wood coffee table isn't deformed easily.

9. Wipe the furniture surface regularly

The owner should regularly wipe and clean the furniture (wipe with a soft cloth) to maintain a certain humidity inside. Generally, the humidity between 35% and 45% is better. Furniture cracks due to being too dry.


No matter what kind of materials of furniture you purchase for home, you need to maintain them regularly, thus lengthening their longevity.

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