To Set A Suitable & Comfortable Office

Whether the office design is good or not directly affects whether the people working in it have a good efficiency or not. The design of the office is different from the design of the home. What are the main principles to be followed and what necessities you need to set the office?

This article will separate into 2 parts, one for the principles to be followed, and the other for the office necessities


1. Openness

The layout of the office design should be reasonable, and the space should be fully utilized while ensuring that the space is as large as possible. Today's office space adopts more open design, and the design of open office is flexible, which can make more flexible use of seats. Make it easier and more convenient for employees to communicate with each other, avoid unnecessary obstacles, and enhance the team's centripetal force. In the open space, it is still necessary to maintain a certain amount of privacy space, so as to achieve a balance between openness and independent privacy, and to carry out diversified designs. Everyone needs to have their own private space, so it is advisable to arrange a private, but not completely closed space in a corner as a resting place.

2. Practicality

The core role of the office is still the office place, responsible for the operation of the enterprise, and the practicability of the office design is also a point that has to be paid attention to. Therefore, the design of the office needs to start from the real situation of the enterprise, and at the same time combine it with the culture, service characteristics, and industrial attributes of the enterprise, and strive to achieve both style and practicality.

3. Aesthetics

Everyone wants a good-looking office environment. A beautiful and clean office environment can not only improve everyone's work efficiency, but also help the company establish a good image. Exquisite office design is reflected through the overall collocation of space planning, material use, color matching, lighting layout and other aspects, and finally through the visual experience, it will have a positive impact on everyone's psychology.

4. Comfort

The design of the office should also pay attention to comfort. For those who work in the office, the time spent in the office every day even exceeds the time at home. The office can even be regarded as their second home. The comfort of the office will have a great impact on everyone's mood and production efficiency, so the office design must be humanized, as comfortable and warm as home. The choice of desks and chairs affects the experience of using the office space, so you should choose a comfortable design that takes ergonomics into account. In addition, work brings us not only physical fatigue, but also mental fatigue. Modern people care more about the comfort and humanization of office design. By designing a comfortable office environment, employees can work more comfortably, thereby improving work enthusiasm and productivity.

Here are some necessities

Computer Desk With Drawers

  • With a spacious desktop, this modern computer desk provides much space for working. The 43.5” x 23.5” surface is enough for a computer monitor, a keyboard, books and other work supplies.
  • Equipped with 4 drawers of size 13.5" x 15" x 4" (L x W x H), this desk meets sorted storage with ideal privacy. Slightly pull the metal handles, you will find that the inner space is perfect to keep notebooks, paperwork or office supplies within reach, further improving the working efficiency.
  • This laptop desk is provided with user-friendly accessories for different purposes. For example, the protective foot pads can enhance stability and avoid floor scratches, while the screw hole stickers offer a clean and uniform look.


Comfortable & Inexpensive Office Chair

  • Considering that you may need a 7-8 working hours, so the executive chair is designed with an adjustable lumbar support, which can relax your spine muscle for higher comfortableness.
  • Characterized by 360°swivel design, this office chair brings much more convenience in dealing with multi tasks and communicating with other colleagues. 5 universal wheels will allow move smoothly to any place you like without much noise.
  • The office chair seat filled with high resilience sponge, and the surface is covered with mesh cloth, which provides a comfortable and breathable sitting feeling for the desk chair, and will not be stuffy after sitting for a long time.


Stackable Conference Chair

  • Every team will have a regular meeting weekly or monthly, a set of conference chairs is needed for the meeting room. When you don't use them, you can stack them one by one, saving much space.
  • This set of office chairs take advantage of the open back design, which let your body and the backrest fit perfectly and won’t cause fatigue after sitting for a long period.
  • Designed with simple foot pad that can guarantee a great stability and prevents it from sliding. Besides, the plastic foot pad design provides considerable protection for the floor.


Mobile File Cabinet

  • The printer is a necessary item for an office, this file cabinet top can be used as a printer stand. In addition, 2-tier storage shelves provide ample space for files, books, decorations and other office supplies.
  • Equipped with four 360-degree swivel casters, 2 of which are lockable, the printer stand can go anywhere you like! And you can easily keep it firmly in place as you want.
  • You can also use it in the bedroom as a nightstand, or in the living room as an end table. As long as you want to use it to store some small stuff, you can place it wherever you need.


Double-Sided Mobile Whiteboard

  • Sometimes the manager needs to pint out the key point while having a meeting, this whiteboard is easy to write on and erase whitout too much effort. Both sides can be used to write.
  • It comes with a flip chart, 1 magnetic eraser, 12 colored magnets, and 6 colored magnetic markers, so you don't need to buy extra accessories for this whiteboard
  • Designed with 4 easy-rolling caster wheels, the large mobile dry-erase board can be moved easily in any location you need, very convenient and safe for use in the office.


Flower Pots Display Rack

  • Potted plants are one of the most important role for an office. It can not only purify air and protect people's eyes, but also can be a beautiful decor. Then you may need a pot display rack to hold the plants.
  • There are 3 flower stands of different sizes, so you can use them separately, or use them together. And you can DIY the combination way according to your space. Moreover, the 3 plant stands can be overlapped to store when not in use for saving space.
  • The metal plant stand set is equipped with a reinforced metal base, providing strong support and ensuring excellent stability.


Most people may work for 7-8 hours per day, sometime even work overtime, so the office's good environment plays a key role for people's working time. From the above information, you will have a better understanding to set a comfortable and suitable office space.

What other items can you place in the office? You can check office supplies to find something you need.

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