What Is Necessary for A Barber Shop?

A good and suitable hair style will improve one’s temperament and beauty, try to find a suitable hair style and a liable barber shop& a good stylist who will be the main factor to ensure you get the best hair style you expect.

A standard barber shop or hair salon should equip with some essential supplies, such as the barber chair, a full set of hair style tools. For the hair salon owner, exquisite and high-quality products will help you attract more customers; for the customers, those products with high quality will make you feel comfortable and relaxed in the shop.

What to begin with? Maybe the barber chair

1. Giantex Barber Chair, Salon Chair with Adjustable Seat Height


  • 360-degree swivel
  • 8-position adjustable headrest



With an adjustable headrest, high backrest, wide seat, and comfortable armrest and pedal, our barber chair offers excellent support for your body. The high-density sponge cushion further enhances your sitting experience.

The seat height of this salon chair can be easily changed from 21.5''-27.5'', making it suitable for barbers of different heights to better serve guests.

2. Hair Salon Chairs for Hair Stylist


  • Oblong chair seat
  • Wide Applications



The hydraulic barber chair is designed with a smooth black seat, glossy base, and build-in crystal bead on both sides, showing a super-sleek and modern appearance, so it can blend well with the decor of the barbershop, cosmetic studio, beauty salon, and home.

Equipped with a large metal base, the barber chair can load up to 330 lbs without wobbling. The chair can be rotated 360 degrees freely, which is perfect for hair cutting, hair design, and makeup, and you can lift the pedal to lock the chair from turning.

3. Adjustable Hood Floor Hair Bonnet DRYER


  • Standing up
  • Rotary airflow design



This Giantex hair bonnet dryer has wheels on the bottom, and it is easy to carry and move.It could be used in work workplace or at home, it's more convenient than traditional hairdryer. You don't need to keep changing the angle to dry your hair.

This hairdryer has a timing and adjustable temperature function. The timing range is 60 minutes, and a temperature of 40-60 degrees Celsius is available.

4. Salon Station Storage Cabinet for Hair Stylist


  • Practical for the barber shop owner
  • Ample space to store things



2 side shelves with 6 tool holders to hold hair dryers, curling iron and haircut scissors, it provides great storage space.

The top has Non-toppling device to fix this cabinet to the wall, guaranteeing using safety, no harm to the floor.

5. Giantex Shampoo Hair Wash Basin Bowl


  • With wheels, removable
  • Professional for beauty salons and barbershops



It is equipped with adjustable height and angle to meet needs of different customers, the perfect choice for beauty salons and barbershops for a professional use.

It weighs only 10 lbs,  which is lightweight and portable for practical use. If the next customer is in a hurry, just move it to the customer’s place, saving time and effort.


Not only women pursue beauty, an increasing number of men are also pursuing that now. Spring comes, It's the best time to get a beautiful hair style and hang out or travel with your friends. So, don't hesitate to get into a barber shop or a hair salon to experience new styles.

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