What Will You Buy For Mother's Day Gift

This Sunday is the Mother's Day, have you purchased something for your mother as a gift yet? There is still enough time to buy what you want for mother. If you can't find any online, you can transfer to your local stores.

You can buy clothes or cosmetics. We recommend a sauna spa, white vanity set, foot bath and a jewelry armoire as gifts for the International Women’s Day in our previous blog. Vanity sets seem to be sold well in our store, so today, we will recommend more vanity sets for mothers.

Vanity Table Set with 8 Light Bulbs

  • There are 3 color options, black, natural and white, which can be easily suitable for different styles of interior designs.
  • With 8 light bulbs, you can see clearly while making up in front of the table, to make sure that people can't see blemishes on face. A perfect makeup will be completed without much efforts.
  • This vanity table has a wide tabletop and two deep drawers with smooth rails that not only ensure smooth sliding, but also provide ample storage space to help you organize your jewelries, cosmetics and accessories easily.

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White Vanity Table Set with 4 Drawers

  • This vanity table set can go with any decoration or furniture in your room, and perfect size makes it very suitable for limited space and small bedroom.
  • The mirror stand is firmly installed on the tabletop and strongly supported by two beautiful wood poles. The size of the mirror is appropriate for you to watch your makeup. The mirror can freely rotate 360 degrees to suit your sitting posture.
  • The table is designed with 4 small drawers, which can store many daily small things, and can store your jewelries and cosmetics in your limited space.

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Makeup Table with Flip Top Mirror

  • Makeup table& writing desk, the special 2-in-1 design provides much convenience. When you have to make up, flip the mirror. In the time you don't need to make up, flip down the mirror and you can study, read or play computer games by this table.
  • Apart from the two drawer, there is also the storage space after flipping down the mirror, and you can put the perfume, cream or pens, etc.
  • You can place the 2-in-1 multifunctional table in the study room or the bedroom and can move it whenever you want. What's more, sturdy and durable steel legs increase the stability and weight capacity.

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Vanity Table Set with Tri-Folding Mirror

  • The tri-folding mirror design adds retro style to the bedroom, which will give people a feeling of grace. And there are black & white color options for you.
  • Made of MDF panel and wood leg, It's sturdy enough and can be used for a long time without tear or damage. It also has enough storage space as other vanity tables.
  • If the above 3 vanity tables are suitable for mothers of all ages, then this one is more suitable for our middle-aged mothers due to its traditional style. If let me to choose one, I will prefer this.

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It's convenient to look for something online for mothers. I purchased cosmetics for my mother for the upcoming Mother's Day. If you haven't found anything for your mother's gift, have a look at our vanities. As we mentioned many times in our previous articles, there will be alsways one meeting your need.


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