What You Can Do with A Folding bed?

Most apartments are mainly divided into several areas: bedrooms, kitchen rooms, dining rooms, the living rooms, bathrooms and balconies. If the apartment acreage is big enough, there will also be divided with study rooms or guest rooms. It depends on the apartments’ acreage to decide whether to divide into a study room or a guest room.

The study room and guest room will be designed simply due to its small space. You put bookcases and writing tables in the study room, how about the guest room? Maybe just a single bed and a nightstand. Sometimes people just put a single bed in the study room and used it as a temporary guest room for the visiting guests.

In order to be easy to store and save space, a folding single bed must be the best choice for a guest room. When you don’t need it, you can fold it to store.  

This convertible sofa bed can be changed freely among sofa, lounge chair, and bed to satisfy your different needs. The versatile sofa bed will be a perfect solution for a small house with limited space.

As a Bed

If there is someone visiting you and will spend one night or several days in your home, this folding bed can meet your needs. Put this folding bed in the spare room(if there is no spare room, put it in the study room), just put on the sheets and bring a quilt, then your guest get a bed to sleep. Although it may not be good as the bedroom beds, it provides a sleep and rest space and functions well as a bed for your temporary guests. After the guests leave, you can fold it to store in a limit space. Its folded size is : 28"*16"*34" (L*W*H), convenient to store in any spare corner spaces.

As a Sofa

Except storing it, you can also leave it in the living room as a sofa.

The headrest of this sofa bed is adjustable within 6 reclining angles (from 0 degrees ~ 90 degrees) so that you can choose the perfect angle at your like to rest your body. In your leisure time, you can lay down in this folding sofa to watch TV programs or take a nap. No matter to watch TV, take a nap or reading books in this sofa bed, you can adjust it to a most comfortable angle according to your own needs.

As a Lounge Chair

What's more, coming with 4 flexible and lockable wheels, the bed can be easily moved after folding. If you have a big balcony, you can put it there to enjoy warm sunshine in winter. If there is a garden or a backyard in your house, you can not only move it to the garden or backyard to enjoy sunshine, but also you can enjoy coolness in hot summer, under the tree. Outside, you can enjoy the beautiful night scenes and sparkling star sky. The flexible and lockable wheel design enables you to move it easily and conveniently after folding. It’s a best lounge chair for the balcony, garden or backyard.

No matter you have a guest room or not, you can prepare this convertible sofa bed in your home, for spare use. If there are guests visiting you, it can be used a bed. You are able to use it as a sofa or a lounge chair in daily life, too. Buying one product, enjoying 3 functions, it’s practical and cost-saving. This 3-in-1 folding bed is worth purchasing.  

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