What You Need To Prepare To Keep A Pet Cat?

We posted some blogs related to keep pet dogs and pet dog supplies before. Cat, is also one of the most popular pets all over the world. If you plan to keep a pet cat, what should you pay attention to and what necessary cat supplies will you need? Maybe you can have some ideas after reading this article.

1. Cat House

Cat house, obviously is the place where the cats sleep and have rest. When it comes to a cat house, what will you think about in the first place? It may be the size, appearance, convenience, etc. We will not talk about these but the special design.

Cat House & Nightstand

  • This ventilated cat house has a side entrance to allow the cat to move freely in and out of the box.The inner removable panels are adjustable, making the interior space available for cats of various sizes and keeping terrible odors inside.
  • There is a side door for the cat to get in and out easily. In addition, it's equipped with a scratching pad at the bottom for cats to play with. Large weight capacity, it's designed to withstand 110 pounds of weight, safe for your cats to use.
  • It's not only a convenient litter box, but can also be used as a bedside table or nightstand in your bedroom or living room.


Cat House & Storage Compartments

  • This versatile cat house can not only hide your kitten's litter box or cat bed but can also be used as a bedside table in the bedroom or a coffee table in the living room. Its classic look also blends in perfectly with your home decor.
  • It's designed with a large countertop, 2 open compartments, a double-door cabinet to hold cat supplies, which provides a private and comfortable space for the cats to stay in. What's more, you can put the cat supplies in the open compartments, easy to access and use when you need.


2. What comes to the second for a cat?

It's the cat tree. A cat tree is the cat's toy, to provide much fun for the pet cats, as well for their owners.

Giantex 48 Inch Cat Tree with Hammock, Jingling Balls

  • It comes with a comfortable hammock, a spacious jumping platform, 4 fun jingling balls, a large cat bed, and a private cat condo. Kittens can play with the balls, rest in the bed or the hammock.
  • Designed with multifunctional 5 layers, it's a perfect activity center for your adorable cats to explore, rest, play, and relax.
  • Made of Engineering Wood, Sisal Rope, Cattail Fluff, Plush, Polyester Fabric, they provide strong support for cats up to 33 pounds, safe for cats and people, also comfortable for cats to rest and play with.


Giantex 67 Inch Cat Tree with Scratching Posts

  • This cat tree is designed with full-covered scratching posts instead of half-covered ones, jumping platforms, which are perfect for your cats to scratch and sharpen their claws.
  • Coming with 6 levels, 67" tall cat tower offers multiple entertainment areas to satisfy kittens' natural instincts. Cats can lie on the cozy top perch to gaze off into the distance, rest in the luxurious condo, or climb up and down.
  • Each layer is able to hold a cat, so several cats can play with each other at the same time, which will provide much fun for your cats.


3. For food, you may need a Food Dispenser for Cats

  • With this food dispenser, you don't need to feed your pet cats manually every time, very convenient for owners. You can set the appropriate feeding time and to fulfill your pets 1-4 meals a day.
  • It has a record function. You can record what you want to say into the machine to call your pets for meal, so that your pets will come when the sound plays automatically each time, always making your pet fed on schedule.
  • There is a  LCD display to show the pinpoint accuracy and you can know the updated capacity of this feeder. It is quite convenient for you to reset the feeding time or recording the voice alarm again.


4. Pet Cat carrier

  • Here is the cat carrier's size: 15.7"x11.8"x8.7". If your cat's size is suitable, no matter where you go, you can carry your cat by this carrier whenever you want, perfect for daily use.
  • There are 9 holes on the carrier, also with the transparent cover and plastic mesh. it's quite comfortable and breathable for your pet to stay in.
  • Its semi-sphere design can well prevent them from the cats escaping out and keep them safe in this breathable and cozy astronaut pet carrier totally under your care. In addition, it's strong enough to stand up to the scratches of your pets.


The pet cat, like pet dogs, is human's good friend. If you decide to keep a pet cat, you need to care for them well and treat them in friendly ways. For their living space, you should keep the space clean and tidy, to avoid bacterial, and also for you and your family's health.

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