When Will You Need a Kitchen Island Cart?

How often do you invite friends to home and how often do you hold a party?

No matter you invite someone as guest or hold a party, delicious food and drinks are necessary. If you bring them for guests one by one, it's time-consuming and inconvenient. In this situation, you need a kitchen island cart to carry the food for you.

If there are just 2-3 friends, this Island Cart with Drop-Leaf Tabletop may help.

  • It includes 1 spice rack, 1 towel rack, 3 deep drawers and 2-door cabinet for clutter-free storage, providing large storage space. You can carry the wines and many food. In daily life, you can also use it to store kitchen stuff.
  • With drop-leaf countertop, you can expand it to get more workspace when preparing and cooking meals. Also, you can put stools underneath and serve the cart as a bar table. When the job is done, just fold it down to save space.

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If you are going to  hold a party, we recommend the Cart with Lockable Universal Wheel.

  • Including the top shelf, there are 4 shelves to store and carry food and kitchen stuff, which also can carry the needed kitchenware and tableware.
  • There are lockable wheels, easy to move it. After moving it to the specified place, lock the wheels and the cart will not move to other areas easily. 
  • The bottom is the best place to put the micorwave oven when you use it to store kitchen stuff.

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Sometimes you will invite some friends to go outside for a picnic or camping, then you need a portable and movable cart, convenient for you. This is your choice 3-Tier Island Cart Rolling Trolley.

  • Our customer's 5-star review: Great product showcases perfectly holds all of my wine, liquor, glasses, and mixers perfectly.
  • It's small. With swivel casters, you can take it out without much effort. And it's easy to carry food anywhere.
  • 3 shelves provide ample storage space, and it's specially designed with wine racks which will ensure wine bottbles safety when roll it from one place to another. What's more, the top has guard rails preventing stuff falling out.

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All the above Island carts can be used in the kitchen to store kitchenwares and tablewares. No matter your kitchen is big or small, the island carts are useful for you, which helps you save much space.

If the 3 don't meet your need, click here for more available.

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