5 FAQs About Trampolines And Trampoline Accessories

It’s a good time for outdoor activities and camps. For children, the trampoline is one of the most activities chosen. It’s true that many people will play trampolines when they are a small kid, which provides much fun.

As to the trampolines, there are several customers encountered some issues recently. To help our customer get a better understanding of the trampolines, today we will list some common FAQs about the trampolines, to illustrate with details.


1. Q: What kind of trampoline do you prefer?

    A: There are 2 typical kinds of trampolines we are selling, the rectangular and normal round kinds. Please make sure which one meeting your preference.

Rectangular: Giantex Trampoline, 8 FT x 14 FT ASTM Certified Rectangular Trampoline with Enclosure

Normal round: Giantex Trampoline, 12/14/15/16FT Outdoor Recreational Trampoline for Adults Kids


2. Q: My trampoline’s mat is damaged and want to buy a replacement mat, what size shall we take?

Replacement Trampoline Mat

   A: To purchase the mat,

(1) Measure the A’s and B’s diameters in advance, in order to avoid buying a wrong size.

(2) Make sure how many hooks your trampoline is equipped with.


3. Q: To buy the replacement safety net, what should be taken into consideration?

    A: There are external and internal safety nets:

(1) check your trampoline model and buy the correct one.

This product link is the internal safety net

Trampoline Safety Net w/Adjustable Straps, 8 10 12 14 15 16Ft Weather-Resistant Replacement Enclosure Net


This is the External safety net

Giantex Trampoline Safety Net, 8 10 12 14 15 16Ft Weather-Resistant Replacement Enclosure Net for Round Frame


(2) Make sure the net size and net height

(3) Follow the 3 steps

4. Q: What size pad should we buy?

    A: Please measure A、B、C、D、E first, then determine which size fits your trampoline.

5.  Q: Do you sell the springs separately?

     A: Yes, we sell 5.5" springs and 7" springs, and count the number of springs you need.

Giantex 5.5" Heavy-Duty Galvanized Trampoline Springs

Giantex 7'' Heavy-Duty Galvanized Trampoline Springs