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    Giantex provides a large range of dog training pads and swimming pools for you to better train your pet.

    A pet piddle pet is essential especially when you don't have enough time to company your pet and lead them to pee outside. Giantex wee pad allows your pet have a fixed place to pee, which is a good habit! Moreover. we also have pet swimming pools! Almost every dog likes to swim in the hot summer. If you have a foldable pet swimming pool at home, your puppy will be happier.

    3 products
    Giantex Puppy Pee Pads Dog Potty Pads, Powerful Absorbency

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    Giantex 4 Pcs Washable Underpads, 36'' x 34'' Waterproof Bed Pads with 4 Layer Protection

    Giantex 30"x20" Puppy Pet Potty Grass Pee Pad

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