6 FAQs And Troubleshooting About the Outdoor umbrella and the Base

It's a good time for outdoor activities or parties. We recommended some tools or furniture you may need for a camp or picnic

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Especially the outdoor furniture. There are outdoor chairs, outdoor tables, outdoor dining sets and furniture sets. Among those furniture, what must to mention is the outdoor umbrella and umbrella base. We will talk about FAQs and troubleshooting about them in the following contents.

1. Q: What types of outdoor umbrella do you have on sale?

    A: Our outdoor umbrellas have 4 types:

   Normal outdoor umbrellas, such as Giantex 9ft Patio Umbrella Outdoor

  Outdoor umbrellas with solar lights: 9ft Market Patio Umbrella w/Solar Lights

  Beach umbrellas: 8 Ft Beach Umbrella

  Offset outdoor umbrella: 10ft Offset Patio Umbrella Cantilever Umbrella

2. Q: What kind of umbrella shall we take for use?

    A: It depends on your needs.

   If you will go to the beach for a holiday and want to bring a suitable umbrella, you can choose the beach umbrellas:


Pros: Lightweight and portable, convenient for carrying outside

          Waterproof, sun protection

  If you just want to place the umbrella in your backyard, garden, patio or the deck, the normal outdoor umbrella, umbrella with solar lights and offset umbrella all will be OK. You can choose as your preference and budget.

3. Q: After viewing your website, we found that some umbrellas come with the stands or bases, but some not. If we buy one without bases, what kind of base or stand is suitable?

   A: The outdoor offset umbrellas usually have the cross stands, but you still need a weighted base to secure it

For instance:

If you buy this offset umbrella

10 ft Pool Umbrellas with 32 LED Lights Solar Powered Offset Umbrella

Here is a matching weighted base you can choose:

4PCS 238lbs Square Patio Umbrella Base

The bases should be similar to this one to secure this umbrella.

 Pros: These kind of weighted bases can be filled with sand or water up to 350 lbs, make the umbrella sturdier.


If you buy this umbrella

Giantex 10 ft Patio Umbrella with 112 Solar Lights

The pole diameter of the umbrella is 38mm, as long as the base can accommodate the diameter of the pole is slightly larger than this, such as 48mm, and the heavier the weight, the better.

In addition, if you want to move the umbrella from one place to another, you can choose a base with movable wheels, easy to move without efforts.

4. Q: What if the lights can’t light up?

    A: 1. Check if the film on the solar panel has been torn off.

        2. Check if the connecting wire between the solar panel and the umbrella is properly plugged in.

        3. Check whether the daytime lighting time is sufficient and whether the switch is charging in the off state.

       4. Finally, check that the switch is turned on when using it at night. A new umbrella can light up for about 4 hours when fully charged in the sun, and its storage capacity gradually decreases over time. The light up time will become shorter and the light will dim in the later stage.

If you check as above steps but the lights still don’t work, there are 2 reasons leading to this issue:

  1. The lights are defective:

   Solution: The light string needs to be replaced.

  1. The solar panel is defective

   Solution: Replace the solar panel

If you have this issue, contact us first to make sure the problem, then we can send the correct replacement part.

5. Q: For the umbrella with tilting function, what if the tilt function doesn’t work?

   Giantex Patio Umbrella with Base Stand

A: You need to press the button shown in the attachment to tilt or straighten the stand.

6. Q: For the offset patio umbrella:

10ft Offset Patio Umbrella Cantilever Umbrella

  There are 3 questions

   (1)How to get the umbrella and base put together?

   A: You could reder to this video:https://youtu.be/FxJ6PrYvt-4

   (2)How to open and close the umbrella?

  A:  To open: rotate the crank clockwise to open the umbrella.

  To close: rotate the crank counterclockwise to close the umbrella.

  (3)What to do if the umbrella string dislocated?

  A: Here is the referenced repaired video: https://youtu.be/u6o8-HKkBg8

What other issues are there with your outdoor umbrellas and the bases?

We are responsible for our products. If you have any problems, you can contact us for solutions and we will provide profeesional help.


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