Another 3 Pieces for a Bedroom

We recommended 3 necessities including the bed, nightstand and storage cabinet in our previous blog. In a limit space for a bedroom, we can just place necessary pieces in the bedroom. But when it comes to a larger bedroom, things can be different.

If you want the bedroom to be with taste an look tidy, simple layout of furniture is not enough. You also need to add some decoration(such as wallpapers, hanging paints, match-able lighting), if you have high aesthetic points. For most common people, you can just meet the layouts requirement and the bedroom will look clean and tidy, soothing. For a larger bedroom, except for the recommended 3 necessities, we have something else for you.

     Vanity table set

In your own house, there must be a vanity table set  for the woman housekeeper. Women and girls need to get hair styled and make up sometimes, so they need the vanity table set to store their cosmetics, accessories, hairpins and combs. The vanity table must equip with a fixed or free standing mirror, maybe some built-in LED light bulbs on the mirror frame. Place the vanity table set beside the bed side, the wife or mom gets up in the morning and begins to dress up for going outside, maybe for a party or taking the child for school. The vanity table set provides her an easy way to save time and dress up herself pretty. It’s important for a woman to dress up beautifully, because it will to a large extent enhance her confidence and courage to face life and work, as you know that life is always hard. The vanity table set is also a beautiful decoration to the bedroom.

      A Swing chair/egg chair

People usually like placing the swing chair or egg chair in the balcony to enjoy sunshine or reading books in leisure time. But it’s also a creating idea to put the chair in a bedroom. Bedroom must be the the most soothing area at home, and a swing chair will increase the soothing feeling. Placing the swing chair/egg chair beside the bedroom window, when you have free time at home, you can sit in the egg chair to check cell phone messages and news, or watch TV program by an I Pad, with a comfortable sitting position in the chair. If you feel tired in the afternoon, you can also take a nap in the chair, swing enable people to fall asleep easily. It can store the pillows or pads when you don’t use it, and you can also add thick pads to make the chair more comfortable for use.

Most children like swings, as well as the swing chair which could provides much playing fun for them. In winter, you are able to sit in the chair beside the window to enjoy warm sunshine, too. An egg chair is the best choice for better enjoying your leisure time and spending happy family time.

      Standing flower rack

The standing flower rack to a large extent is used for decoration. There is a chalkboard on the top of this rack, and you can draw some beautiful paints or write some famous quotes. If you keep several potted plants in the bedroom, don’t  leave your plants alone on the floor, prepare a home for them. Put the flower rack against the wall or the wall corner, and move your potted plants to the rack’s shelves, which will make them look orderly.

If you have a bay window, you can also place it on the bay window to let the plants absorb more natural sunshine instead of indoor lighting. Sunshine and water are significant for plants growth, the flowers will blossom gorgeously. Flowers give off fragrance and green plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, purifying the bedroom’s air and rejoicing your mood.

Suitable layouts of the bedroom, choices of good furniture pieces and decorative things in the bedroom play a key role in people’s moods which is also good for health. No matter you have a large bedroom or a small bedroom, no matter what you choose to lay out and decorate the bedroom, try your best to make it look clean and tidy, and give you a soothing feeling.

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