Benefits of Foot Spa Bath

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There is an old saying goes to “winter disease and summer cure.” Some people have disease which will relapse just in winter, and some of the disease can be cured in summer, isn’t it amazing?  

Most people get used to have a foot spa bath in winter, but what you need to know is that it’s a good time to have foot spa bath in dog days of summer, which has many benefits for your body.


"Dampness" is a term we use a lot in traditional Chinese medicine, whether you're experiencing dampness externally or internally (or both!) you will feel weighed down with low energy and often complain about foggy thoughts. There's often a heavy sensation throughout the body expressed in some form. Some may feel as if their limbs weigh a ton, like you're walking in mud. Others may experience sensations like their head is being squeezed, as if a wet towel is wrapped around their heads. The key indication with any dampness in the body from an East Asian perspective is that chi, specifically chi from the earth elements of the spleen and stomach, is low and deficient.

To dispel dampness from body, an easy way for daily life is to have  foot spa bath every day in dog days of summer. It’s very hot in dog days of summer , people stay indoor with air conditioner on for the most time, drink cold water or drinks too much, so dampness will accumulate in body easily. If the body accumulates too much dampness, your body will experience the bad feelings we mentioned above, and you can gain weight easily. Having foot bath with this foot spa every day in dog days of summer(about one month), some people may find out that they have lose weight and will feel refreshed, won’t feel tired easily, which means dampness in your body reduced much. Dampness dispel is a gradual progress, insisting on having foot bath, you will get the benefit.

Nowadays, people are overworked due to life and work. After bathing their feet, their body will become warm and relaxed, and their fatigue can be alleviated to a certain extent. It is also conducive to mental and psychological relaxation, which can help improve sleep quality and relieve fatigue. “Some people usually have difficulty in falling asleep. I suggest them to have foot spa bath every night before going to bed” Doctor Stephen said. “having foot bath for about half a month, you will find that you can fall asleep quickly than before, and the sleep quality also is improved. You will feel dynamic in the daylight  time.” If you usually don’t have good quality sleep, you can try to have foot spa bath before going to bed.

Sometimes our feet may get fungal infection, which will cause the feet itchy and stink, and coming blister, unbearable. If you are experiencing fungal infection feet, try to put some vinegar or pepper to bath your feet in water while using this foot spa bath, it has a certain bactericidal effect. You can also use medicines such as Sophora flavescens, Anemarrhena and Rehmannia to relieve itching and kill bacteria. Putting different powders or medicine packs while having foot bath will reach different purposes. Rose powder can make your feet smooth and whiten your feet skins. Medicine packs will reach a bactericidal effect and relieve itching.

Foot spa bath has many benefits except the above mentioned contents.The feet is linked to most heart meridians, to maintain healthy and beautiful feet, you can get one foot spa bath to have a try. After foot bath, you can also enjoy a foot massage by the massage rollers with this foot spa bath, which is more efficient to reach your targets. Insist on having foot bath, you will get more unexpected benefits, good for your health.

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  • Eve Mitchell

    It’s good to know that a foot bath is conducive to mental and psychological relaxation. I have been training for a half-marathon for three months and I have hardly been able to walk today. I would love to get a foot bath to help me relax.

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