Differences Between Some Kinds of Washing Machines

Science and technology change life every day. The washing machine is one of the benefitial products from science and technology. For a modern home, the washing machine is an essential household appliance.

There are various brands and kinds of washing machines in the market for you to choose from, what will you take into consideration firstly while choosing a washing machine? Different people have different opinions. There are some basic points you can refer to here.

1. Full Automatic or Semi-Automatic

1.1 Space Occupying

If you don't have a big area for a bigger machine, a full automatic washing machine will be your choice.

Compact Full-Automatic Laundry Washing Machine

  • Firstly, it occupies less space than the twin-tub(semi-automatic) washing machine, suitable for a small space such as the dorm, the bathroom or an apartment.
  • Designed with a fully automatic programmed, this washing machine provides the best cleaning and rinsing performance. You don't need to take out the washed clothing from washing tub and put them into the spinning tub. It's more convenient for use, time-saving and energy-saving.
  • It will give an alarm if wrong operation happens, which is safe for use, too.

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1.2 Budget

For the same brand, it's common sense that a full automatic washing machine is more expensive than the semi-automatic one. If your budget is limit, you will usually choose the se-mi automatic one.

Semi-Automatic Laundry Washer

  • It costs less than the full automatic one, saving money that you can use to purchase other daily life stuff.
  • It doesn't have complicated programs and modes, if you have never been used any washing machines before, the se-mi automatic one is friendly for a beginner, easy to operate.
  • It holds 20lbs (12lbs for washing and 8lbs for spinning) for each load, spacious inside for your loads. With this design, if you usually have much clothing to wash, you don't need to worry that it can't wash much clothing every time meeting your daily wash requirements.

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2. Special Need for Baby

Portable Baby Laundry Washer

Common washing machines are able to clean most adults' clothes, but things will be different when they come to babies'. babies' clothes needs more care to protect their tender skin.

  • This compact laundry washer offers 6 wash programs (normal, heavy, gentle, rapid, soak, spin) and 6 water levels (1 - 6) for your selection, greatly meeting your various washing. Gentle mode is good for babies' clothes.
  • No matter where you place this machine, the child lock function can lock the control panel to protect your children, safe for use.
  • The overall Dimension: 19.5" x 18.5" x 31.5"(L x W x H), is space-saving and portable. So it's effortless that if you want to take it together with you when you plan to go out on weekends for a vacation.

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3. Pulsator Washing Machine & Front Load Washing Machine

Top Load/Pulsator Washing Machine Advantages and Disadvantages:


  • It's friendly for the elderly, they don't need to bow to put the clothes into a washer, safe for them.
  • As we know that, for the same capacity of the top laod and front load washing machines, the top load one wash cleaner than the front load one.
  • With the same load, the top load one is more energy-saving.


  • It needs more water to cover all clothes while working.
  • It relies on the friction of clothes, barrel wall, and water to clean clothes, which is easy to be entangled and wears out clothes  & barrel wall.
  • Compared with the front load washing machine, there are relatively few preset programs, so it is not suitable for washing wool, down, silk products and other clothes.

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It's not convenient to use a washing machine when there is little clothes to wash, you can wash them once every two-three days, so you may also need a laundry basket to collect dirty clothes.

A washing machine can usually at least be used for several years, or even more time. It's important to choose a suitable one when you need. You can also refer to our previous blogs related to washing machines.

Some tips for how to choose a suitable washing machine?

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