Full Body Massage Chair Functions And Manuals

Nowadays, an increasing number of people choose to buy an electric massage chair for daily life at home. There are usually many functions of a full-body massage chair. If you are considering purchasing one, we will introduce the GIantex Massage Chair Full Body


  • This product has designed a set of massage manipulators that can walk up and down, four-wheel drive and quiet design.
  • There are five kinds of simulated massage techniques: finger pressing, kneading, tapping, kneading, and tapping, knocking.
  • With shoulder position automatic detection and positioning.
  • With eight special automatic massage functions:Fast massage, Comfort massage, Relax massage, Stretch massage, Full Body massage, Spinal massage, Neck & Shoulder massage, Back & waist massage and full air pressure.
  • There are two kinds of itelligent storage functions: custom smart memory i, custom smart memory ii.
  • The upper body manually selects the massage function; there are five kinds of massage position selections such as full stroke, partial, fixed point, upper back and lower back; there are five kinds of artificial massage techniques of finger pressing, kneading, tapping, kneading and tapping, knocking. There are five speeds that can be adjusted; in the state of tapping, shiatsu and tapping massage, the robotic massage ball can be adjusted in three widths.
  • With air pressure massage function: upper arm air pressure massage function (uilt-in 4 airbags), arm air pressure massage function (built-in 10 airbags), thigh air pressure massage function (uilt-in 4 airbags), calf pressure massage function (built-in 4 airbags) ), foot pressure massage function (uiltin 12 airbags), three-speed air pressure adjustment
  • The backrest frame is laid down with slide rail technology to keep the backrest away from the wall at all times, saving space.
  • The backrest guide adopts the curved guide rail technology, which fully fits the curve of the back of the human body, and can enjoy the personal massage from the head to the thigh.
  • Music playback system, built-in 3d digital sound in the left and right space capsules.The Bluetooth function of the smart device can be used to play music wirelessly.
  • With intelligent voice recognition function, there is a smart voice start button on the left armrest.
  • With separate liting and adjusting function, separate lfing of the backrest frame and linkage liting adjustment function of the backrest frame, zero gravity i or zero gravity i, timing adjustment function.
  • The calf has kneading massage function which can relieve the stiffness and stress
  • The calf frame is equipped with a telescopic adjustment function. The foot is pulled out of the calf foot. After the foot is extended, the leg is fixed. The extension length of the foot can be determined according to the length of the user's leg. The foot is retracted by the spring force.
  • There is a twisting massage function: the waist pressure is used to swing and form a twisting massage function, which relieves the sedentary and causes the waist muscles to be tight.
  • The foot is equipped with a foot roller massage function, three sets of rollers to massage the roots of the toes; and a rolling scraping massage on the arches and heels.
  • In the left and right palm air bags, there is a salient massage with a magnetic massage function.
  • With back hyperthermia function: carbon fiber is used as far infrared heat source.
  • The front end of the left armrest is provided with a manual control slot, and the front armrest of the right armrest is provided with a usb charging function.
  • The left and right handrails are equipped with led mood lights.
  • Configure the tft color screen hand controller.\
  • Shutdown automatic kick-off function, robot automatic reset function.

Those are all the functions this electric full-body massage chair designed. But how to use every function? Here are more details:

Method of Usage

1. Switch power supply on

2. Massage function control operation

 2.1 Standby

 2.2 Start to massage

 2.3 Stop button

 2.4 Menu Button

 2.5 Automatic function (automatic button also can press directly to automatic function interface)

 2.6 Manual mode (manual button directly enter manual mode interface)

  2.6.1 Manual mode (manual button-massage mode)

  2.6.2 Manual mode (manual button-massage position)

  2.6.3 Manual mode (manual button-air pressure)

  2.6.4 Manual mode (manual button-extra)

  2.6.5 Manual Mode (extra-back heating)

  2.6.6 Manual Mode (extra-calf kneading)

  2.6.7 Manual Mode (extra-foot roller)

  2.6.8 Manual Mode (extra Bluetooth)

 2.7 Adjustment function (adjust button-directly press“adjust" button to enter adjustment function interface)

  2.7.1 Adjustment function (adjust button-massage mode)

  2.7.2 Adjustment function (adjust button-massage range)

  2.7.3 Adjustment function (adjust button-intensity)

  2.7.4 Adjustment function (adjust button-other adjustment)

 2.8 Customize

 2.9 Setting

  2.9.1 Setting (language)

  2.9.2 Setting (lock screen)

  2.9.3 Setting (backlight )

 2.10 Equipment inforamtion

 2.11 Zero Gravity Button

 2.12 Return button

3.Handrail shortcut button introduction

4. Voice control instruction

5. Tum of power, stop massage

6. Bluetooth Player 0peration

7. The calf installation

8. Head cushion and backest pad's dismounting and use manual

9. Floor protection

10. Method of movement

Every method of usage includes details of the operation. This kind of electric massage chair is usually expensive. To make the customers get good purchase experience, there are detailed instructions coming with the chair. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more details.

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