Recommended 4 Basic Bathroom Suppliers

A farm house or a villa is different from an apartment house. The former has large living space to design, but the latter is within limit space. For an apartment, the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and study room are usually the main components. We have simple description of bedroom layout and study room layout, living room furniture recommendation in the previous articles.  How about the bathroom ideas?

The bathrooms usually are not occupied big space, but you can design it bigger according to your requirements if there is enough space. For instance, you can set a tub in the bathroom for shower, but if the space is small, just equip a shower head to bathe. If possible, the washing machine can be also set up in the bathroom. Different spaces have different designs. Here we will recommend 4 basic bathroom suppliers.

1. Laundry Basket

Where do you leave the clothes need to be changed when you are taking a shower? A rack or stool? Maybe the laundry basket set can help a lot. There are always several family members at home. With the laundry basket, you don’t need to think about where to leave the dirty clothes when taking shower. Just tell the family members to throw those clothes into the laundry basket set. After the whole family finish bathing, take out the clothes and put them into the washing machine to wash together, isn’t it convenient? What’s more, you don’t really need the entire laundry basket, sometimes one is enough, which is space-saving, too.

2. Over-The-Toilet Storage Cabinet

Over-The-Toilet storage cabinet is the most space-saving stuff for the bathroom room. Leave it over the toilet, you are able to put the shampoos, shower gel, towels and the toilet papers on this toilet storage cabinet, not occupy much extra space. In order to avoid the toilet paper getting humid, it’s designed with 2 close and open doors, put the toilet papers and towels inside and they will not get humid. Made of MDF board and painted with finish, it’s durable and mold proof, lasting long time of use. The white color also fits the whole bathroom design.

3. Shower Bench/stool

Many people have habits of foot spa/bath after shower. So a shower bench or stool is needed. A shower bench/stool should be waterproof and anti-slip. After shower, you can just sit on the bench, take a basin of water or a foot spa basin, put your feet into the warm water to relieve whole day’s fatigue and working stress. You can check the phone or read books while having foot spa. Foot spa is an easy and efficient way to get good sleep quality. To have foot spas, the shower bench plays an important role. If you have a habit of foot spa, this shower bench is your best choice.

4. Towel Rack

A wall-mounted towel rack is necessary for the bathroom. Although a storage cabinet can store the towels, towels can’t unfold completely to dispel bacteria. A wall-mounted rack makes things different. Equip a towel rack with heating function, and it will provide a warm and clean towel every time after you take a shower. The towel warmer is silent while heating and will not bother your life. Wall-mounted design saves much space, and make the bathroom looks tidy.

Stuffs for living space always for aesthetic beauty, clean and tidy, especially for small space bathroom, that’s the reason why most of the bathroom suppliers are white in the market. White things look simple and clean, meeting most people’s aesthetic points. It’s worth mentioning that bathroom suppliers are also designed to save space in some degree. No matter the storage cabinet or the towel rack, they serve for this aim. Things in the bathroom are always trifling, easily to get messed, storage cabinet or racks are indispensable for the bathroom to keep clean and tidy. Beautiful and practical settings are rare, choose what you need most for use. Then, what do you occur to your mind for a bathroom’s function?

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