Something About the Electric Adjustable Bed

Electric adjustable beds are widely applied in daily life, especially in the hotels. How much do you know about the electric adjustable bed? Here we will add your knowledge about it by introducing the Giantex Zero Gravity Electric Adjustable Bed


Powerful & Comfortable Massage: The adjustable bed frame features vibrating nodes at both the bed head and foot for a powerful massage function. There are four massage modes to satisfy your different demands like continuous working. Besides, it is a wireless remote control for easy operation.

Independent Head & Foot Adjustment: The back can be flexibly adjusted from 0 degrees to 70 degrees while the legs are adjustable from 0-44 degrees. In addition, the head and foot incline can be lifted or lowered individually, adding a great convenience of usage. You can choose the most comfortable angle you need.

Quiet & Pleasant Sleeping Experience: There are pre-set positions for your reference, like zero gravity position, memory position, TV position, anti-snore position, etc. If you don't like these angles, you only need to press the flat button and it will return to the factory settings. Besides, it works without any thumping sound for restful sleep.

USB Ports, Flashlight & Mattress Retainer: USB ports at the side of the bed and under the bed nightlight for lighting. The bed frame comes with a retainer bar that is designed to hold the mattress in place for better articulation. It is suitable for various kinds of mattresses, such as memory foam, gel foam, and so on.

Simple Assembly & Strong Load Capacity: This bed frame is easy to install under the guidance of instruction. Just open your adjustable bed base, then fix on the legs which are adjustable in 3 heights, 4", 7" and 11. Insert the mattress retainer bar and plug it in. The bed frame can bear a maximum weight of 850 lbs.

Electric Bed Frame User Guide

1. Adjust the height of the bed

When using an electric bed, you first need to adjust the height of the bed to a suitable position to avoid affecting sleep quality. There is a control panel under the base of the electric bed, through which the height of the entire bed surface can be adjusted. Different electric beds may operate differently and need to be adjusted according to the bed model and instructions. There are generally three levels of bed height adjustment to choose from. Just use the handle to pull up or lower the bed board.

2. Adjust the angle of the bed

The electric beds can also adjust the bed angle to suit different sleeping habits and needs. Adjusting the bed angle can better protect your spine and muscles, allowing you to sleep more comfortably. Some electric beds can be set at different angles, such as head-high, waist-high, etc. When adjusting the angle, you need to use the remote control to adjust it according to your own needs.

3. Use the remote control to operate

The remote control of the electric bed can adjust the height and angle of the bed. The remote control generally has buttons for lifting, raising and lowering the head, etc., and the operation is relatively simple. Generally speaking, press the lift button to adjust the height of the bed, press the head-up button to adjust the height of the foot of the bed, and press the lumbar button to adjust the height of the waist of the bed. Some beds are also equipped with a vibration massage function, which operates differently from ordinary adjustment keys. It is necessary to operate according to different brands of electric beds and instructions.

4. Precautions When using anelectric bed

You need to pay attention to the following matters:

  1. Avoid using the edge of the bed to avoid falling or damaging the bed board.
  2. Do not excessively adjust the height and angle of the bed to avoid affecting sleep quality.
  3. The mattress should be cleaned in time to avoid the accumulation of dust and stains.
  4. Pay attention to safety when using the remote control to avoid falling damage.

FAQs about Giantex Zero Gravity Electric Adjustable Bed

1.Q: Does the bed has any heat?
A: There is no heat with this bed

2.Q: What size battery is required for the bakcup battery in case of power outtage loss
A: There is a power plug with this bed, instead of the battery

3.Q: Transformer is missing (step down from 110 Volts to required lower voltage)
A: Our this item comes without transformer. Do you mean you miss the adapter of this item?

4.Q: Is there any way to either turn the light under the bed frame completely off or remove the bulb?
A: You just need to click the button on the remote control which I circled in the picture below.

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