Why You Choose a Foot Massager Machine

In the dog days of summer, we posted an article to introduce some benefits of foot spa. As winter is coming soon, it’s a good time to have foot spa bath everyday, which will help you sleep well for the whole night. Thanksgiving is around the corner, have you decided what to choose for your friends and family?

Apart from the foot spa bath, today, we will recommend you a foot & calf massager machine  from 4 aspects to let you know more common knowledge about it.

Gift choice

It’s a perfect gift for friends or family. November is a thanksgiving month, you will buy different gifts for different friends and family. For men, may be an electric razor; for women, beauty care products are the best; for elderly, may be health care products and for children, toys must be their favorite. However, this foot & calf massager is suitable for people ranging from different ages, especially good for the whole family to use. It can also be a perfect gift for the birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or New Year.

Humanized design and easy to use

Comes with a clear and simple control panel on the top, the heated foot massager machine is easy to operate, and it is convenient for people of different ages. Moreover, the zippered foot sleeves can be easily detached for cleaning, keeping a tidy and hygienic using environment. Foot massage and calf massage can work separately or simultaneously. You can adjust the speed from Low, Medium to High. What's more, it has 15-minute auto shut-off function to make sure your feet or calves won't be over-massaged. Complicated design or features usually are difficult for the elderly and kids for use, but you don’t have to worry about this point for this foot massager machine.

Heating & Vibration Functions

This shiatsu foot massager features a heating system by comfy and smooth heating, ensuring a constant heating temperature of 104 °F. Besides, it also provides vibration function to accelerate blood circulation and maintain muscle and skin vitality. The massager has a default timer of 15-min to avoid the hurt of overusing.

For the vibration function, it is designed with 3 intensity levels of foot massage and 3 intensity levels of calf massage, allowing you to customize your comfort and enjoy the optimal massage. In addition, there exists a foldable supporting bar on the bottom, allowing you to enjoy a massage in a comfortable position.

3D Kneading massage

The foot and calf massager is specifically designed to massage your feet and calves while offering multiple massage methods, such as foot tip pressing, arch rolling and scratching, instep rolling, heel vibrating, and calf pressing, helping relieve muscle tension and foot pain from plantar fasciitis. It has 8 massage discs for feet and 4 for calves, which can provide you with 360 degree massage. Such design is entirely new, it’s deserve your purchase.

‘’You don't have to worry about losing track of time. I'm impressed with the overall quality of this product. Truthfully, now that we've had plenty of time to use it, I would've expected to pay more for a machine of this caliber,‘’One of valued customers mentioned.

Beautiful and practical products are perfect gifts. Except the above mentioned foot massager, there are also other different choices of Foot Calf Massager machines. You can get anyone meeting your requirements. No matter you always walk or standing for a long time, and want to relieve the whole day’s fatigue, having foot and calf massage at night is a good way to reach your target.    

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