Wine Racks For Wine Lovers

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Whether you enjoy shopping in person or opt to get your vino via wine subscription, you definitely know how to kick back, relax, and enjoy a glass of wine. You’ve invested in stylish oenophile-fabulous accouterments like electric wine openers and wine aerators — but what about your storage situation?

How We Selected?

As an avid wine lover and collector, I definitely know my way around a wine rack. I sought out racks that would serve as both great additions to my home and as wine gifts to friends who value design, convenience, and aesthetics but don’t require a capacious and serious rack for the long haul. In addition, I read through recommendations from editors at Spruce Eats, Food & Wine, Wine Enthusiast, and Liquor and plowed through hundreds of comments and reviews from real-life users online.

Read on, and get ready for a more beautiful and efficient happy hour ahead!

Smart choice: Stackable Modular Wine Rack: 72 Bottle Wine Rack Modular Bottle Display


Instantly stores 72 bottles


Unfinished look


If you have a cellar and you want a value-priced one-and-done storage unit, step right up. This wood wine rack may not be much to look at (it hasn’t been stained and instead has a raw look), but it more than makes up for it in terms of functionality.

You will be able to pack 72 bottles into this 47 X 12 X 28-inch wine rack, with six tiers that fit 12 bottles in each layer. The rack weighs 15.4 pounds by itself. It is easier than most racks to put together; each piece of wood has notches and slots that fit together. You do not need any special equipment to assemble the rack. Once put together, the rack is sturdy and won’t wobble.

What the customer said: this rack is “surprisingly strong” and “stable.” Others say it may be “simple,” but it is a “breeze to assemble” and is “easy to use.” Some warn that it is a “tad tight” for Champagne bottles but “workable.”

A Casual Collector in Tight Quarters: Wall Mounted Wine Rack


Streamlined design
A variety of sizes(6 bottles, 9 bottle, 12 bottles)


Assembly required


This wall-mounted rack is a great way to keep your wine bottles neat and organized. The durable rack is built to last, and the range of finishes ensures it won’t clash with your overall aesthetic. Plus, the attractive design adds a nice artistic touch to your home.

This wall-mounted rack is also a fantastic option for folks in tight spaces who can’t spare the storage for their small collection of wine. There are 3 sizes to choose: 6 bottles, 9 bottles and 12 bottles, meeting different needs. If you do plan to load it up completely, you’re going to want to make sure you securely mount it to a strong wall.

What customer said: I “love love love” it and it’s so amazing.

For portable storage: Freestanding Floor - 30" Standing Wine Rack


Bottom wheels can be locked into place
Easy to move from place to place


No grip to prevent wine bottles from slipping out


If you're more focused on enjoying wine with friends than collecting it, this freestanding wine rack may be right up your alley. The one features a chic black-arched metal frame with ample space that stores 14 wine bottles.

Because it’s on wheels and outfitted with a flat top, you can roll it to wherever the party is in your house or yard. When you want it to stay safely locked into place, you can activate the two rear-wheel brakes.

What the customer said: I wanted wheels and a table. I put extra bottles of mineral water or what I get on sale. I like wheels to move and clean in the garage.

Multi-function uses: Wine Rack Table, Freestanding 13-Bottle Wooden Wine Bar Cabinet


Versatile: stores wine, glasses, dishes, plates, and more
Easy Assembly & Cleaning


Industrial-rustic style won’t be for everyone


This is about as close as you can get to having a bar at home … without having a bar at home. It provides large storage space: 1 wine rack and 4 glass holders can hold 20 glasses and 13 bottles of wine. Meanwhile, 3 open shelves help to well organize your tableware, ornaments or other items.

The bottom shelf can also display more kitchen tools, such as the pot, . The frame is easy to build to last and can be cleaned easily.

What customer said: “the bar looks amazing.” It’s a “great value” but warn that assembly is “tough” if you’re not handy.

Easy to use: 2-Tier Freestanding Metal Wine Rack


Light and portable
Metal material ensures stability


Occupied space but can only hold bottles


This 2-tier wine rack can hold up to 8 bottles of your favorite wine. Made of durable metal, this wine rack is built to last.

The sleek black finish adds a modern touch to any space. The open design allows you to easily see and access your wine collection. With its freestanding design, this wine rack can be placed on any flat surface, such as a countertop or floor.

What the customer said: it's very convenient for small space to store wine bottles.

What kind of wine racks do you still want? You can tell us your idea below the comments. And you can browse here: Wine Rack 

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