FAQs and Troubleshooting for the 7.7 lbs Full-Automatic Washing Machine


In our last blog, we shared FAQs and troubleshooting for the semi-automatic twin tubs  washing machine. There is also one popular full-automatic. For the 7.7 lbs Compact Full-Automatic Laundry Washing Machine, there are some common FAQs, problems and solutions, too.

Here is some info you may want to know:


1. Is there a color option?

  A: Yes, there are 3 color options: Pink, Yellow, Blue

2. What type of faucet is this washing machine suitable for?

  A: Please refer to the attached picture

3. Should I leave the water on all the time when the washing machine is in use or open it when I need water?

  A: Leave the faucet on while using the washing machine, and turn off the faucet after using the washing machine

4. What's the washing capacity?

  A: Because of the California energy certification requirements, the nameplate indicates the maximum capacity(7.7 LBS) under energy-saving conditions, and the actual 10lbs can also be cleaned.

5. There is one leg at the bottom is different from the other three ? Is that normal?

  A: There is one adjustable foot. You can adjust and rotate this foot to maintain the balance of the washing machine, so this one foot is different from the other 3 feet.

6. I would like to know if you can use tide pods with this machine?

  A: Yes, you can

7. Does this washing machine have a pause button? 

  A: The pause button is as pic shown

8. There is a net pocket missing in the filter

  A: This filter does not have the net.

9. Does it have air dry function?

  A: The machine can only spin dyring the clothes, but can't make it dry totally in fact.

10. There is only one inlet connection, how can you keep switching between hot and cold?

  A: There is only one water inlet, which can only be connected to cold or hot water. You can equip yourself with a multi-function adapter.

11. Does it show the time for washing?

  A: No.

12. What modes does this washing machine have?

  A: There are 8 modes: Light, Underwear, Wash, Spin, Flash, Normal, Standard, Fast.


1. Problem: One of the stabilizer bars fell out of the bottom of the washer

    Solution: Please unscrew the two screws on the back of the washing machine, one screw on each side, and then disassemble the upper half. There is a stabilizer bar in each of the four corners.

Please check this video and see if it can be reinstalled.https://youtube.com/shorts/iZe3CqrTMNQ

2. Problem: This piece came off when I first use the machine  

    Solution: This is only a protective part for the washer during transit, it will not affect normally use, you can throw it.

3. Problem: Water is NOT draining out

    Solution: When draining, the lid of the washing machine should be closed. If it is not closed, the washing machine cannot run.

4. Problem: Not draining water and alarm sound is on

    Solution: As the drainage pipe is not draining water out,

1. Check whether the lower drain pipe is hung too high, put it down and try it, not higher than 40"

2. Check whether the drain pipe is blocked

3. If it still doesn't work, put the drain pipe flat on the ground to see if it will drain. Open the back cover to check if the drain pump makes a running sound. If the water pipe is flat on the ground, it can drain water, but it cannot be drained once it is lifted. It is possible that the drain pump is broken. The alarm sounds because the water has not been drained for a long time.

5. Problem: The power was on, but washing machine does not work. 

    Solution: Could you please? confirm if the water pipe is connected? Or did you add water manually? Generally speaking, if the water volume does not reach the water level you set, the washing machine will not run automatically

6. Problem: The machine does not come on after its filled with water.

    Solution: Please check if the belt inside is loosen.

The main FAQs, problems and solutions for both the semi-automatic and full-automatic washing machines are all listed in our last blog and this article. Before ordering them you can check them. If the washing machine has any problems can't be resolved by above info, don't hesitate to contact us for help.


  • Md Brooks

    My washing machine is stuck in water install mode it would normally stop and drain if water exceed to high. But something is wrong it’s stuck in the fist mode when water enters but won’t go on to start to wash the clothes I have only had for 1 year

  • John

    My washing machine drum won’t fill, it just spills all the water in the ground from the bottom.

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